My Opinion on Screwing Over Competitors

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jb2008, Mar 14, 2012.

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    candybar, jr executive vip, what a fucking joke. yes, I am calling you out. I first would like to thank the administrators of this forum for swiftly deleting that thread.

    your entire SEO strategy is by snitching to matt cunts? are you kidding me...

    I bet nearly all the members in the bh seo forum are working their asses off trying to deal with matt cunts' algo updates, spending their hard earned money. many of these people (myself included) will have difficult situations, families, kids to feed, and so on. A thread like this basically negates all the constructive discussions about SEO on this site. Just xrumer blast your competitor and rat to big G, Wow, you're a freaking genius. smh.

    What I actually do suggest is that someone raise this issue with big G themselves as a SEO 'technique' gone way too far. We know that cunts and his cronies read these forums looking for any holes in their algo to patch up, seeing what the bh seos are doing, the latest software etc.

    Since linking to a site can be done by ANYBODY, not just the site owner, I believe G should stand by their webmaster tools assurance that "there is nothing a competitor can do to harm your site".

    There is BH SEO, yes, gaming a massive corporation's algorithm. I believe on the moral side of things, BH SEO in this way is morally right. G is way too big and I believe the little guys should get a piece of the pie, many of whom have kids to feed and mortgages to pay. Just normal guys/gals. I heard one guy, who had made it in SEO, thank botmaster for "giving the little guys a chance." This is the true spirit of Black hat SEO. Then there are the scum of the earth who try to actively take these normal guys down, instead of focusing their efforts on gaming big G. Such entities are sub-human, sub-animal beings that do not deserve to exist on the surface of Venus, let alone our Earth. Karma is indeed a bitch, and you will get what's coming to you. I hope you sleep well at night. That's not just to candybar, but to anybody who makes it their day job to snitch on the little guys and fuck big corporations in the bung hole.
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    I myself broadcasted my opinion and stated the mods should have moved the thread, there's a difference between black hat seo and malicisous intent. Most people think anything Blackhat has malicisous intent involved which gives the word a notorious meaning when in fact there's a huge difference between the two.

    Settings traps and snitching to the SE is not Blackhat or SEO. In fact as JB mentions, it's not innovative and actually takes out the little guys and allow huge corporations to monopolize the ecommerce community.

    Candybar you could have kept that one to yourself. There is enough poison on the net already we don't need to show people step by step how to commit ehomicide, because essentially that's what they will be doing if they think they are harming a competitor with techniques like that.
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    Not sure what you are talking about since Since I never read Candybar's posts.

    As Far as I know there was a new rule preventing talking / discussing sabotaging your competitors on this forum.