My Offline blackhat method Free internet and other services!

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by dumdum4gumgum, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Hello there bhw im going to share 2 more of my methods today ive been holding back on one of these but hey its time to reveal this offline bh method here we go. This method i use t get free internet every other month.

    I Did this with [email protected] T!me [email protected] cable.
    Disconnect internet call tech support blah blah my internet is'nt working
    they give you all there steps reseting modem ip release all that stuff about 10 mins in plug you modem in and be like hey its working now. I do this same thing for a week Str8 When i get the bill i call up billing and bitch about the credit i didnt get. I tell them last time i was on call to tech support they would give me a free month of internet(of course they never said this) But as your on the Phone be like you can see on my account i have been having alot of trouble with my account. They will look at your account probaly put you on hold and come back and say sorry for the trouble sir we will go ahead and credit your next month account. Pretty easy to do. Am sure it will work with other Services.
    So here you go hope you like.
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    Yeah this does work, Actually what I do is call them up and tell them i wanna go with their competitor, because its cheaper, and i got all my services cut to about 50% for about 6 months. Gotta love retention programs....

    all it takes is one call..
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    lol. I gotta call this the "freeloader method".

    But watch out, I am in the "support" industry and if the company is smart they would take notes on the number of occurrences you ask for a free service or credit. You might need that credit one day and by then they might have blocked your account for excessive credits.