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    So I am still new at this but I thought I would post my observations, maybe they will help people just starting out.
    I set up a shez twisted autoblog a little over a month ago. At this time I have about 330 followers in Twitter. In the beginning I was using the Shez's twitterfall method for following people, but that was time and energy consuming. For the past couple weeks I have been using Tweet Attacks for this. Each day I follow about 100 new people using a targeted keyword and then unfollow everyone who didn't follow me from the day before. I've noticed if someone is going to follow me back, they are most likely to do so within the first few hours of me following them. I get about 10%-20% followback rate depending on the keyword used. I've noticed the more followers you have, the more people follow you. Maybe they take you more seriously if you have higher numbers.

    Most of my traffic comes from Twitter and longURL, and some now coming from search. This brings me to my next observation, using autoblogs for articles is not so good. I have WPRobot set up to fetch articles from article base using certain keywords. However about a third of the fetched articles have very little to do with the keywords. Perhaps the keyword is mentioned in the article, but the article is not about this word. For example, I now get search traffic for "watch fantasia sextape" (this is not my niche) As far as I know this video is not on any of my pages, and I can't confirm that such a tape even exists.

    Wordpress Statpress tells me I am getting about 75 UV per day, but my adsense account tells me they are serving about 10-15 impressions per day. I'm guessing Statpress is counting bots.

    A few days ago I decided I want to get more search traffic and I thought it would be difficult if all my content was duplicated from somewhere else. I tried using The Best Spinner on some of these articles but using the "Best" setting only gets me about 20% unique and doesn't pass Copyscape. Using Better or Good I get 40-60% but they are garbage articles with grammatical errors due to inappropriate synonyms that were used. These numbers are for articles from 500-1500 words.

    So I decided to stop the WP Robot plugin and just write my own articles. In my niche it appears most articles on other websites are very short, often 3-5 sentences anyway. It takes me 2 minutes to write an article, I just have to take time to do it a few times per day. I've been doing this since yesterday and I noticed more people coming through Twitter. I think my self-written titles are more alluring.

    Bottom line: I've only gotten one click on Adsense, but that is due to poor-quality automated content and low traffic. I'm using a much better WP theme than what the Shez blog method uses. Hopefully I can build this up. It's taking a lot of work, reading, learning, and I'm not crazy about my niche. But the process is interesting so I enjoy the work.