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    Hey guys.

    I have a few questions about AMR:

    But first, allow me to say what I intend to use it for..

    I have a bunch of websites. (2 membership sites, a few blogs, a few opt-in funnels, bunch of Amazon stores, etc.)

    AMR is something I want to engage with, now to my questions (Of course, I appreciate your valuable time, and your invaluable advice.)

    1) Well, is it feasible to advertise a wide, varying array of websites with AMR? Or is it most prudent to use with only ONE website/niche?

    My concern, is that it may seem weird for an article account to be advertising 10 different sites across 10 different niches. I'm trying to be the expert right/ I suppose I could make it work, any advice? Is it atypical to promote a varying array of websites/products for article writers?

    2) Additionally.. I was curious to learn more about article marketing in its essence: is AMR for developing backlinks ONLY? Or do people actually read the articles and click links? (Of course, some people searching for relevant terms would find this in search engines, but do people actually surf article directories and read the content often?)

    3) Also, I was looking on clickbank and saw AMR, and noticed that it has a "recurring" symbol which indicates it is a recurring fee, while I am under the impression that it's a one time fee; which is accurate? Based upon preliminary research it appears that CAPTCHA is an addon, is the CAPTCHA a recurring fee? Is there any recurring addons that would be requisite for adequate AMR functionality?

    4) Spinning. I don't really like spinning; I would rather write a few variations of an article and make it "on point" and really focused/interesting. I find spinning in any context lowers the quality of the post. How detrimental is it to post the same article to 200 sites? (Again, I could argue either way on this, and am seeking seasoned advice.)

    Guys, the information you provide is excellent, and I anxiously await any advice you can offer, I love the accumulative wisdom of the forum and I owe you a beer.


    Until then
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    Another thought: Is backlinking via AMR safe? Meaning, if there's 1000's of backlinks on different directories, with the same articles, has anyone personally experienced penalization based upon widespread dissemination of articles? (especially if the articles are the same?) - You could help avoid that by cloaking URLS, but then this kills the backlink potential lol. (My mind is going in circles.)

    I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks
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    You will want to promote many sites to get the biggest bang for your buck out of AMR. If you work really hard and refine your AMR list you're only going to get from between 250 and 400 auto-accept directories, and perhaps another 100 to 200 which will accept your post as time passes (if it is a good post).

    So lets say you get 500 total unique websites posting a link to your site. There is a diminishing benefit if you keep blasting the same site over and over again. That first blast is very helpful ... the 20th one, not as much.

    You need to leverage the power you get from article directories to new sites. Instead of having 500 article directories post to one site twenty times, it is far more beneficial to have 500 article directories post to 5 sites 4 times each.

    Honestly, if you're only using it for one site, it is cheaper and more efficient just to buy an AMR blast from someone, because refining your list for many blasts is going to be probably 90% of the work involved.

    There's two groups involved who could possibly consider it "weird", the article directory owners and Google. Most of your action with AMR are going to be with auto-accept article directories, they could care less if your niches differ. The remaining article directory owners who review before allowing a post, they don't care whether your niches differ either. Then there is Google ... do they track every article back to the author level and apply a penalty if the topics vary greatly? I highly doubt it.

    You could have a different niche for every post you make, nobody cares that they're different.

    AMR is for backlinks and SEO purposes only. Nobody is going to read anything you post, you won't get any traffic from it. Maybe from good article directories like ezinearticles, buzzle, etc. ... but the directories you post to with AMR aren't going to drive a lot of traffic.

    I notice sometimes my AMR posts will pop into the top 10 occasionally on a keyword ... but honestly, by the time someone clicks through to there, and weed through all the injected links that article directory owners use for their own promotion, not many, if any, will make it to your link and come to your site.

    AMR is a one time fee. Its difficult and not recommended to buy it through a clickbank link, they have to pre-approve so you have little chance of using your own link. There is a 10%-off link available directly on the AMR site which is what I suggest you use (its what I used). Captcha is a continual fee ... not all article directories use captcha. Blasting to about 1100 article directories gets me about 320 auto-accepted, about another 100 accepted over time, and costs me maybe 80 cents.

    There are two ways you can go about this. You can develop a really good spin if you are using it for purposes other than only AMR directories (that's what I do usually), such as posting on web2.0s that you want to rank, or also using it in high quality article directories. However, if I were only submitting to AMR directories ... I would submit an auto-generated spin from The Best Spinner (or I guess Spinner Chief does them for free). Do an auto-spin, it will come up with incorrect thesaurus swaps sometimes, but who cares ... there is no reason to spend 50x longer doing a wonderful spin for an article directory which is auto-accept and full of other people's crappy spins.

    If we are only talking AMR, I suggest you don't spend any time at all on your spins, just get it auto spun and submitted.

    There is nothing wrong to posting the same spin to every article directory on your list.

    My opinion of the most efficient way of using AMR is to post a crappy auto-spin when you're dealing with getting backlinks to 1st and 2nd tier links. I do a better spin for my money sites ... and I make that better spin worth it by also using it for web2.0s, quality article directories, posts to private blog networks, etc.
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