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My new Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by P4n1c, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. P4n1c

    P4n1c Newbie

    Oct 14, 2014
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    Hey guys,
    Please read and try to understand this and help lost brain to start working again.
    How are you all .Well starting with something little old ( 6 months back ) I lost some big money and currently I am left with like some sh*t stuff like some crappy domains which I bought and never used,Some vps almost gonna expire,Tons of prepaid cards ( no balance in them lol ) n blah blah...

    I was and I am full time Internet guy and never done real life job. The worst part is that now I can't even pay internet bills and mostly end up with no internet.Nothing sucks but no internet really sucks..So To be honest In this condition I am seriously looking for JV...Yea JV... What ? JV with 2 posts ? Lol Am I fucking kidding ? Trolling ? Or feel scammy ? Well whatever you think about but not all time newbie means that some freaking noob want to earn $2 a day and asking for method blah blah....

    I can't post thread in JV section so I came to this section to let you people know my new journey...Well I have idea need someone to double check if I am going wrong also I am really interested in JV as told ya before so If you really think this can work so JV is most welcome...

    Well the Idea is that I can get workers for really low price.Majority will do data entry for us so We can use them in any way to generate profits ? Like I have few article writers who can write quality articles for me cheap as hell..Well don't say me that go to fiverr post gig.I am not looking for slow process. Just want things go through fixed calculations how much to pay them monthly and how much we can profit from them like 60-70-80%...Getting them for part time and full time work.. Well its about article writing and majority of them can't do this..So we can teach them some specific work which they do rapidly and we generate profits ? Like We give them USA proxies and sign up for some PPD and ask them to download so If a guy is working part time like 4-6 hours He'll repeat the tasks...different tasks like PPC / PPD / Survey / list goes on... This way we can generate some good money .. We pay them on monthly basis..Like $2 per hour but in that we generate $4-$6 or possibly more ? ( Like in 60 minutes one can do 3-4 PPD / PPC / sign ups / survey ) Its just rough idea.When it comes to calculations we can adjust our profits and there income...Proxy is key as we can switch all of them to usa...So USA IP higher pay rates... We can bulid some revenue site...for doing tasks....
    Tough my plan itself is not clear because its an idea...If someone join me and show interest in this I am sure we can make some good profit in less time.It will help me come back on internet properly and Then we can do some mutli business as I have good plans but no money in pocket.

    Edit : If someone interested in JV then after paying workers we can split 50-50.If you are not interested then please help me make this happen by suggesting and commenting as new ideas are welcome. I myself just want to do this so I can generate some profits and put them back in market.

    Please comment.
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  2. richestmaninbabylon

    richestmaninbabylon Junior Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Getting It
    Interesting idea you got there. I don't feel right paying people 2 dollars n hour. But thas just me. Some one else would have no problem working with you.

    Good luck