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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by roseczech, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Hi guys, I need some help regarding with the result in moz, when I tried to search my site in there program. Here is the result.


    In my case, I am really trying to learn about SEO everyday, I keep studying & reading threads here in BHW and watch alot of videos in YT, but its really really hard for me to understand this thing, I dont have background regarding with this things, I started from scratch, I am a hotelier in my country but then its not working so I tried freelancing then went smoothly then trying to put up my own website, so here I am in BHW :)

    The website is 18days old, my niche is movie and tv show streaming and download. I offer my visitors with high quality video like 4k and 3D movies.

    One of my catergory is already on rank 15th but my main link is not rank. I am confuse about this so much.

    And I have good signals coming from social media.

    The above information is irrelevant to my title, but my reason of including them is asking your advice or any information that can help me. I hope you guys understand well, sorry I am not native english thank you