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My MNS Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by kiminono, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. kiminono

    kiminono Registered Member

    Aug 21, 2012
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    Working on it
    OK, so I set one of these up a while back but I can't find it. Ain't I smart? Unfortunately after my sites got set up a few things in my personal life went belly up but alas here I am again.

    So my starting aim is to earn around £1500 I owe to friends and family. What I will be doing is any money I earn I will keep 20% to re-invest.

    The start up costs were (including domains):
    WilliamK - £55 - 1 site
    Msaqib_301 - £73 - 5 sites
    Andres1986 - £35 - 1 site

    I have a Hostgator Hatchling plan which costs about £6.50 a month.

    I've also recently purchased backlinks from Paper-boy & Loopline. I bought 15K for £13. I did end up getting 36K. I've not been able to verify them as my stupid computer BDOSs every time I run the Scrapebox Link Checker or the sites time out. I can't say whether the purchase was good or bad but the other reviews are good.

    On to earnings, well, for being up since the end of September and me not really doing anything with my sites, except for Index Kings (free backlinks) until a week ago I am exactly where I'd expect.

    In October I amassed a total of 95 views for all sites with 5 clicks on ads for a grand total of £0.61. So far in November I have amassed 250 views with 7 clicks for a total of £1.28.

    Most of the views are on the WilliamK site (361) with 2 of the Msaqib_301 (272 & 192) and Andres1986 (114). The most clicks are on WilliamK (6) and Andres1986 (3).

    Total cost so far are £192.

    Next up is looking for some web 2.0 services.