My methods while waiting on some CPAs.

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    So here's what I'm currently doing:
    1. Promoting clickbank offers on twitter.
    a. Picked what I thought was a popular niche.
    b. Using a tweet spinner and automatic poster to spread my affiliate link.
    c. I'm using scrapebox to harvest emails related to my niche.
    d. Blast emails asking them to follow my twitter account but not promoting my link.

    2. Building and selling auto approved lists.
    a. I scrape together blogs that auto approve comments from various popular (and probably saturated) niches.
    b. Once I've got a decent number, I put it on fiverr. (If any of you would like to explain how people put them on ebay, I'd probably love unconditionally).
    c. I also use the auto approve list to sell link blasts.

    3. Drive traffic to a MNS and pray for adsense clicks.

    1 and 2 I've just started doing today. My site gets on average 25 uv a day with some on and off site SEO practices.