My method of finding *Do*Follow links

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    Like many of you, I have downloaded list after list, from BHW as well as elsewhere, which claim to contain *do*follow* links but when one checks them out, they turn out to be *No*do*follow*.

    It's of course possible that more and more website owners are getting alert and are imposing no*do*follow and this may not have been the case when the list was compiled.

    Having checked out a large number of lists and also having used search techniques mentioned on this forum and elsewhere to find .gov and .edu links (eg + register to post etc), I have evolved a method of my own.

    I am sure the more experienced marketers amongst you use this and similar methods, but there are several newbies---like me---on this forum, who could find this search method useful.

    It is for them that I post this thread.

    Also, some of you may have better techniques, which I would be pleased to learn about, if this thread starts of such a discussion.

    My Method

    I normally check out the search term I am interested in Google. From the search results, I feed in the top 10 urls (assuming they are not blogging platforms like problogger, but links to sites owned by small businesses) one by one Yahoo's site explorer
    Site explorer gives both the number of pages which have been indexed by Yahoo for the site as well as the links to the site.

    I track back the links to the site and leave a comment there. (It is possible that Google and Bing too have similar tools, though I have not yet used them)

    The advantage of this method is that Yahoo does not place a limit on the number of searches, so you can search as many sites (hopefully of competitors) that you want in a day. Also it gives you access to some good links in keywords you are interested in, instead a link to any site which will provide you with a link.:)