My Method... How to Expand?

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    Sep 26, 2012
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    I have a little blackhat landing page here I was driving traffic to from adfly (until I got banned lol). I've made pretty nice money with it, but I'm trying to find some other ways to bring traffic to this guy! (as the URL suggests, this was originally for a GPT site... rofl)

    Before anyone freaks out on me, this is by no means a hope for consistent income... just having some fun! I've already made 5 times as much as I've invested in traffic, hosting, domain, etc etc. So I'm happy :D

    In case anyone is wondering, I have a frame-breaker on the site in javascript (you can copy from the source if you want) so it worked wonders for adfly, as many people thought it was part of adfly! I also have the page redirect after 10 seconds to some CPM crap of mine, for some extra moneyz.

    So.. any ideas or tips? /discuss! :)
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