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    started a membership site 3 days ago.
    my nich is not very broad I had an old facebook account in the this specific niche. so setted up the website made a sales page. and use a group that I had attached to that account with people interested in my niche. the group had 1000 people, I sent one message to the group. membership price at 10$US
    from this one message to the group first day 15 joined but 4 people completed payment earn 40$ 2nd day 9 people joined 4 people complete payment 40$ today 3 people joined 1 person complited payment 10$.

    I so wish I had more friends :( if I had 5000 friends I could make 450$
    the thing is the information I'm selling is only good for this niche.
    I can see now how you guys make allot of money when you know what you're doing. I hope I'll find another niche that can cater to a broader audience.
    just living this message of hope for you who think you'll never make any $$ online.
    good luck for you all.
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    Just keep focusing on building the membership site, getting better content, adding cool new stuff etc. Also make sure to stay consistent on your marketing. Facebook is nice, but its not the only avenue to getting new members. Some ideas to use:

    sign up for click bank and have affiliates promote your product

    join forums that are related to your niche and promote your product without getting banned

    do seo to rank for keywords that are related to your niche

    Considering paying niche related blogs to post an article about how great your site is

    Go on youtube and submit videos related to the niche and suggest your product.

    In the long term you want to constantly be building your content and marketing your content. You want to make it a routine to build a little content each day and market a little each day. To achieve long term growth also do market research to see if there is other closely related niches where you can develop a product. Rinse and repeat x 100.