my main keyword isnt grammatically correct

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by talper, Oct 18, 2012.

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    hey, so i found a keyword that it and its plural version gets 10000 searches and got the domain.
    the problem is, its an "how to" question with my main nich in it yet it doesnt answer anything. like "how to football field".
    how can i rank high for those 2 keywords that mean very little by themself?

    should i still try and build the main page around those words? should i find the closest grammatically correct sentence and replace it? yet what about the exact sentence in my domain?
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    I guess that those who search for the keyword want to know how to create/build/make/manage something. For example, if the keyword is "how to chocolate cake" they want to know how to make a chocolate cake. Naturally, you cannot optimize the article on the main page after that keyword, since it has no meaning in itself. But I think you have pretty good chances if you use close forms, for example "how to make a chocolate cake" etc. Also try variations like "chocolate cake - how to make it in no time". I think "Big G" will get the idea. :)

    Aditionally, you could build some quality backlinks to your main page, with the exact keyword in them.
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    While ranking well using SEO is important, it should not be a priority over usability. Even though a keyword phrase may be appealing, you must take more into account than high search volume. Even if a keyword passes a more in-depth keyword research process and is stellar, you should not use it in an EMD if it is grammatically incorrect or a misspelling. That being said, you don't necessarily have to rank a home page of your site for that same phrase just because you have it as the domain. I would suggest leaving it behind if you cannot find a way to make it work in copy naturally.

    This post on ranking for grammatically incorrect phrases talks more about the subject,

    Hope that helps you,