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My Long Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by eggplantparm, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. eggplantparm

    eggplantparm Newbie

    Aug 5, 2014
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    I'm relatively new so I will be starting from the very bottom and working my way up to the top. I am not setting a specific timeline. I would like to get out of my job as fast as possible but I don't want to rush things or burnout completely because i'm spending every single minute of my free time.


    To be able to quit my extremely stressful dead end office job and eventually work from home. Currently I make around $675 a week before taxes. I am going to achieve this by completing the following goals

    1. Earn enough to cover project expenses (hosting etc)- $10/week (this will obviously increase over time, will update accordingly) - CURRENT GOAL
    2. Earn Enough to cover #1 and invest a bit in my project(fiverr, SEO tools etc) -$30/week
    3. Earn enough to cover #1, #2 and pay my utility bills - $75/week
    4. Earn enough to cover #1, #2, #3 and pay for my lazy cat's posh lifestyle(cat food, average vet bills, catnip etc) - $100/week
    5. Earn Enough to cover #1, #2, #3, #4 and weekly grocery bill - $200/week
    6. Earn Enough to cover #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and facilitate my transition to a part time job with flexible hours- $300/week
    7. Find said part time job with flexible hours and give my two weeks notice to my boss (bonus points for telling him to go screw himself on my way out and reporting all of his properties to the city for code violations)
    8. Earn enough to cover all of the above and pay for my rent - $675/week
    9. Quit working for someone else!

    How will I achieve this?

    With a lot of trial and error, through dedicating as much of my free time as possible to making this a reality. I realize I have a long road ahead of me but I am ready for the challenge.

    To begin I am going to be focusing on testing out three avenues of income to see what works best. I will be doing them one at a time.

    1. A-sense Site- From what I gather this is generally regarded as a passive income stream once everything get's going. Many people seem to think a-sense is dead but I want to give it a try anyhow.
    2. Amazon Site - This is also regarded as passive income but it seems there is more maintenance involved as far as adding fresh reviews etc
    3. Lead Generation Site(both for affiliate sites and local businesses) - I live in NYC, there are tons of small local business with a terrible web presence. I am going to focus on businesses that deliver high end products and services to ever growing yuppie population. I will also be doing some lead generation on my other sites through newsletters etc.

    Project 1 - A-sense website

    I got pretty lucky during some preliminary keyword research and I believe I have stumbled on pretty good one. It's a niche dedicated to fixing a very common problem that happens to almost everyone. It's low competition with over 10k monthly searches. I even did an informal poll and asked 30 people(some friends and some coworkers) how they would solve this problem, 22 of them told me they would look on the internet for instructions to fix it themselves first. Out of those 22, 13 of them mentioned my exact keyword when answering the question! I scanned the first g00g results page and saw that most of the sites were relatively unknown. There were a few big dogs like but it seems to be populated mostly by blogs that haven't been updated in a very long time.

    I registered my domain, built it with a clean looking magazine style wp template. I have added all of the basics, privacy policy, about us, mission, contact us and I have added 5 well written and informative articles, custom made images included. I created social media(fb, twit, pint) accounts for my website. I uploaded my sitemap to the engines and got my a-sense account partially approved last night. I have placed the ad sense code on my website and am now awaiting final approval. I have also ordered a logo on Fiverr.

    So, where am I going next?

    Immediate future

    Will work on SEO stuff. My keyword density for my main keyword is currently around 3%, with other keywords hovering around 1-2% I'm thinking I will work on backlinks or social media next but need to do more research first. Will also being posting at least one article per week.

    Down the road

    • Add update newsletter
    • Tutorial videos and youtube
    • Generate exclusive content for mailing list and setup a monthly drawing for a free prize to draw interest
    • Work towards creating an all in one E-book/Video compilation package that I would sell for a very cheap price
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  2. Retraction

    Retraction Junior Member

    Mar 3, 2014
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    Nice journey there man! First tip, its not a-sense, its adsense.

    Second tip, for backlinking, use these Web 2.0s


    Filter PR and do the highest PR websites first. Write a 1000-1500 words for every Web 2.0 blog that you make. Link to your website.

    Then do some backlinking to each of the Web 2.0s. You just created a tiered link building system! If you want, you can create tier three links also for extra juice!

    Good luck!
  3. eggplantparm

    eggplantparm Newbie

    Aug 5, 2014
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    I noticed some people were replacing google and adsense with other characters or removing letters, i was assuming this was because they didn't those terms visible here for some reason. If it's pointless then i'll stop.

    Thanks for tip. Do you suggest i get right into backlinking as quick as possible and pump as much content out as fast as I can or should i take my time doing it? I've read some stuff that claims google pays attention to how fast a website grows etc.

    Also, should I write unique content for 2.0 sites or use article from my website?
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