My linkwheels strategy. best strategy?

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    Hey my fellow bh friends..i need your suggestion for this linkwheels technique.i use this technique for 2 weeks(only for experiment) this linkwheels very simple that works sometime i doubt with this technique..lets go to the point..

    i already create :

    20 blogger blog (already created) - the reason why i use only blogger because all my links and blog are 100% index by google within a days, i created 1 privacy page 1 about us page and 1 sitemap page and google love it (in my experiment) in the right sidebar i will put image 250x250 (not ads),video bar,and i update my blog every day (all article i get from ezine),.i try xanga,zimbio,tumblr etc etc..but my blog had no luck..right now google already index my blogger blog (about 200 page,within 2 weeks).

    10 friendfeed account. (already created) - the truth is google really love friendfeed..i dont know why..all my links are indexed by i dont have any problem.

    10 twitter account (already created) - twitter 2~9 in description i will links to twitter 10 and twitter 10 description links main blogger blog.

    15 identi/ca account (already created,but 10 account flag as spam).

    So the basic thing i use in my linkwheels only friendfeed,blogger blog, and twitter.i will use pp to automate all my works. (img) - ohh forget, i cant reveal all my step. what do you think?
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    have you had any results with this