My Life is BRO/HO wordpress theme? Anyone can grab it?

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    Check it out : ( they also have another similar site for my life is ho)

    Can anyone get the theme for that site? It looks pretty nicely done and simple. I tried htttrack to get it, but all i got are javascript/plugins/and the stylesheet but does anyone know how to get the rest of the files to make the theme work?

    As in header.php, index.php etc?

    Can anyone extract it or get it? Much appreciated.
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    sorry. php files are run serverside. Any time the server gets a request for a php file, it will execute the script and then send you the resulting html page.

    The only way to get php files would be for the webmaster to rename them to a different extension (like a zip file), or you would need ftp access to the server.

    Here's some info from the stylesheet if you want to try tracking down the theme from somewhere
    Theme Name: Bro
    Theme URI:
    Description: Theme for mylifeisbro
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Guru Khalsa
    Tags: mantle color, variable width, two columns, widgets
    Form the deafult:
    Default WordPress by Dave Shea ||
    Modifications by Matthew Mullenweg ||
    This is just a basic layout, with only the bare minimum defined.
    Please tweak this and make it your own. :)
    You could try doing a search for the authors name, go to his .me page and use the contact page to ask if he can send you the theme. Judging by his personal blog it looks like he'd possibly just give it to you. Just don't say anything about being a marketer if you try that.

    It looks like a pretty basic theme though so it might be easier to just get the custom html templates and css files from the themes folder and use that to make your own modifications to a default wp install. You can look at the page source to find the location for those and also search the page source for "plugin" and "widget" to find any plugins he's using. It's basically just a 2 column, variable width theme.
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