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My Late Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CashFlowGuy, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. CashFlowGuy

    CashFlowGuy Regular Member

    Mar 15, 2010
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    Hi guys my name is cashflowguy. I totaly forgot i should introduce myself and say hi to the community. Rather then get into this bs about how happy im am to be here and try to get thanks, or rep by pretending im an expert im not. I consider expert 10k a month. Im not near that but i do decent for the time i put in.

    Im 18 years old, and am ready to make money. To start off with why i choose this name it came from the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Cashflow is worth more then making 5k in affiliate sales in a week. Cashflow gives me a base then i can try making those big affiate sales.

    In highschool i was pretty much a C student but was one the top business minds at my school. I got first place in a Deca area competition in my state. I was in the category of Marketing managment and i got First place beating 35 other people. I went on to state to fail to make it to nationals. I would have but the judges when back and lower my role play score. I got an 80/100 on one RP, and 30/100 on the other. Shows you how idiotic some people are! I look the score they erased off was both 90+. I added up and i would have gotten 7th place if they didnt make any changes. I love going to Deca because my school paid for it and i would go to Bellvue washington and stay in a hotel and get away from my house and family for a while. Also if you know anything about bellvue its where all the rich people live and it get me motivated, plus i love to look out at the skyscrappers and dream about living in a condo up with my friends living well for once.

    Money has always been terrible. Probably half the reason i want to be rich and do it by any means possible. I grew up pretty shitty very poor at times and other times we had a bit of money but nothing to brag about. Money pretty much made my whole family disfunctional, but im not going to get into that very private stuff. But i still stand by the quote

    "Refuse To Lose" 1995 Seattle Mariners

    I have been IM for 9 months now. Im not making thousands a week but i bring in 200-300$ extra part time. My goal is to reach 500$ in a month and i will probably do that in april. Thanks to all the content i have submited to AC, and my autoblog sales should shoot up in april.

    My goal for 2010 is 100 adsense clicks a day, every day. I dont care how i do it, with crappy bloggers, or buying a website and puting my adsense on it, it has to be done.

    I want to move in with my friend jake, so i need to make more money. I have taught him some IM over the phone and he got a 120$ adsense check from google eariler this month.

    I know i have what it takes from the way i have lived and grew up, nothing ever been handed to me its all been worked for through blood, sweat, and tears. Pretty much the way things have been my whole life has been "Tough Shit". Its harsh but im alot stronger then your average 18 year old.

    I dont care what happends but im sure fuck not going to give up. It will take another year or so to be making good money but everything comes in good time.

    College is whatever, i might go i would like to go to the Univeristy of washington. My grades sucked but me being so good at business if i show them im an expert internet marketer they might accept me. Besides money talks and bullshit walks.

    Anyways i dont want to ramble on so i hope to share, and learn some kick ass methods to start getting out this shitty situation. So keep working and Refuse to lose!