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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by hamd01, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Loads of people here mention that the Google keyword tool as a great tool for finding out how many people are searching for a particular keyword per month.

    It is indeed invaluable, but the results are really very poor to say the least. This can mean hundreds of hours spent working on a keyword which has very little traffic.

    Before spending hundreds, thousands $ or many of your own personal hours on SEO, check your keywords using my much more accurate method!!

    *NOTE: I dont advise doing this for every single keyword you are going to target. Just for the ones which you are going to make a significant investment in!

    First of all you will require a Google Adwords account. Create a simple campaign, and the keyword you want to test.

    Next create the advert. This is the important part. Make sure you write an advert which people will be extreamly UNLIKELY to click on. Every time someone clicks on your ad it costs you money, so by creating an unattractive advert you can ensure this wont cost you anything.

    Make sure that you set a bid price which will beat any competition. $12 if you have to.

    Let your advert run for 24 hours, then stop it.

    After 24 check the statistics, and it will show you how many times you advert appeared. Because you set a very high bid you now have a very accurate reading for how many searches per day are carried out for your keyword. This figure will be significantly more accurate than the keyword tool, and gives you statistics which are up-to-date. Obviously, the longer you let it run, the bestter information you will get.

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    This is a good method. I'll use it next time. First thing that came to my mind for unatractive ad I thought:

    Scammy Scam Scam Scammity scam scam scam <- Click here to let me steal you money!!Fast!! Guaranteed!!

    But then again some curious bastard might actually click it...
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    in your mind
    so you are saying if i want to target weight loss and in my campaign i say gain weight because it is good to be overweight, then this will be extremely unlikely to click and if some fat ass bastard click on it and cost me like $10 per click :y: is that what you are saying?
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    If he campaign makes enough volume, you can export your keywords searched to get exactly what was searched (if you used broad match)

    Like you said, it can get expensive. I just set a daily budget of 25-50 bucks and let it grab the data for a few days.