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    Hello BHW , many of you don't know me, I'm a newbie , and I have been doing cpa and ppd for about 3 years now . Not too much success but I will keep it , as I learn something new everyday . Ok here's my plan .....

    I am a singer/songwriter and I have a very active fan base: 80000 total fan base w/ opt in email list !! Alot

    friends currently on tsu: 6 followers 6

    Start sending and posting invites to all friends (some are skeptical of new networks) but I hope to gain at least half my following

    Weekly newsletter with site invite
    Post CPA offers using hash tags , which according to them is how you get your posts noticed and seen . the problem I'll face is finding cpa offers or ppd offers that coincide with my niche which is music and entertainment. (maybe content locking with products I find )

    sent them a message regarding ads on their site and its only 3 bucks per 1000 impressions , and they have other packages as well

    so after seeing some revenue form sharing and posting and getting my posts seen from using hashtags and hopefully some revenue from ppc/cpa I will purchase advertising .

    according to them , everyone who joins in my family tree will all share revenue , and the revenue is easily brought by viral content . Any members interested in joining me in this journey and would like a official invite to this invite only network LMK

    Out of pocket / startup expenses : 0
    wish me luck