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    Nov 29, 2014
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    So far in this past week I have been on this website every possible time I could. Its been crazy how much feedback and beneficial things on this website, its amazing. I started with my first post
    *If someone could figure out why I am still unable to post links after almost 2 years, Go to Recent post on my first "New Blog: Critique"

    Go look at all the comments all the way down, 25 posts of telling me what I needed to hear you can see I finally get some positive feed back, after i fixed all me noobie errors. (But that is what I needed to hear I have learned to take advice from successful people.)
    You can find the website at: double Udouble Udouble U. Fifthavenuenews. Calm. I continue to ask for all of the feedback it helps me more than you realize. Everyone has constantly told me not to pursue this niche because it will not make any money. But I have a strong desire to pursue it because I know I will be successful.

    What are you going to do?
    I am currently in school at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and plan to major in Mass Communications and Broadcasting. I literally just started researching everything for a site last week. Although I have been a member here for a while I never really used the sight like that.
    I want to grow my news/blogging website, I just have a good feeling for it regardless of what everyone thinks on here. You know how you get that feeling in you that your site or product is gonna go big. well thats how I feel. Go check it out, I am proud of where I am at, but know i have so far to go.
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