My journey to stable income with facebook groups

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    Jan 27, 2015
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    Hi guys im relatively new to IM and i wish to start here my journey to stable income using facebook groups as my main traffic source.
    I was inspired by BTB's method and his noob friendly methods , i mean if he can make it why wouldnt i ? right ?
    i am very motivated to make this succeed , as i will twist it non stop until i reach my goals .
    So the first goal will be to attein a stable 10$ on daily basis , once there i will make a bigger goal to reach and so on .
    I will start with :

    - 7 phone verified facebook accounts (i will make more accounts asap)
    - i got a cpa offer that i think it might convert well
    - proxies to secure my accounts
    - Facedominator to help me automate the process
    - a lot of determination and petience as i know that its going to be hard in the first few weeks then it will eventually get easier and more profitable .

    this journey will be updated often so you can learn from my mistakes and maybe give me some advices , wish me luck :)
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    Nov 8, 2014
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    Good luck! Hope to see an update soon.