My Journey to Digital Nomad

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    Hi All,

    I've dabbled enough in IM now that I feel it's time for a proper journey thread.
    I'm quite new to IM, and BH in general, but like most things I'm interested in, I've become obsessed.

    That being said, I have a full time job here in NYC. I run a technology consulting & cloud computing firm, as well as a small architecture firm.
    While these are both great, and support my lifestyle in NYC, my wife and I are looking to take on the digital nomad lifestyle. If you haven't really heard of the term, give it a quick google.
    Seeing others live this life is a huge motivation for me to master SEO and IM.

    My Plan(s)
    - Utilize my vast AWS/DevOps experience. So far on all my SEO tools/Social Media tools I have rotating IPs set up in AWS. I rotate out public IPs every hour.

    - I'm focusing on social signals at the moment, as I feel like I do not know enough about GSA / Scrapebox to fully utilize them without fucking myself over.

    - I'm trying to target less bloated niches. I don't want to reinvent the wheel with some of the major niches listed here. I fully realize there are people with many more years experience than I. Why start fighting before I've trained?

    - I'm focusing on AdSense and Amazon Affiliate.

    - Instead of churn n' burn style sites, I'm trying to build quality content first, and worry about the money making second.

    What I've done so far
    So far I've created a few twitters, instagrams, and facebook accounts. I'm working on building followers, and am avoiding buying fake followers as I want my follower count to represent closely what my actual following is.
    I've purchased 6 domains in total.
    I've got two sites up and running.
    Out of these two sites, I have one of them with two weeks of quality blog posts (two a day) of about 500-700 words, with images.
    Read! I've read a ton, and will continue to do so.

    My goals & Roadmap

    My six month goal is to earn $100 a day. I know this is probably a short amount of time, but hey, I like a challenge.
    My one year goal is to earn $200 a day. I want to punch through any brick walls with my face.

    So, that being said. I hope everyone enjoys. I am always up for tips, links, general bullshit. I appreciate it.