My Journey to creating a passive income

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    Ok after reading the methods, different ideas and views I've come up with something own.

    I live in a country where the digital marketing is currently in the process of massively expanding. I mean if you have a website with decent traffic you can get sponsors to pay you money for their banners it's that simple and that's just one way of many to monetize your websites. After exploring and thinking a lot I've targeted which and what kind of niche websites are missing out and in which I'd be the first one of a kind.

    I thought about getting local hosting (I got $250 for investing) but I've changed my mind when a friend told me that you can just connect a domain on a blogger, create a blog edit it and do it that way. I'll spend some more time reading upon before I make my decision.

    For the first 4 niche websites which they aren't that much complex besides the usual news/media reporting from different and specific subjects I think I should be fine.

    My main goal is to scoop the biggest competitive site traffic which has over 30 million traffic monthly in 12 months and hold 70-80% of the most viral websites in the country.

    That's the 1st part of the plan, I'll do monthly reports and if everything goes as predicted or not I'll post results, optimizations etc.

    Thank you for reading.
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    First set small goals and achieve them and the go after big one. Best of luck with this one.