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My Journey To £400 A Month

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by rozzex, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. rozzex

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    Hello all,

    So this is finally my journey thread. I've decided to do a journey due to the inspirational stories I enjoy reading here all the time. So it's time for me to have my journey.

    My Story,
    I've spent the best part of 10 years, god maybe more learning a lot about different development. The main development I have focused on is web development and design. For the past year I have been working for a web development company making someone a lot of money. He is changing his business model and focusing more on hosting. So I got made redundant 2 weeks ago. So I spent the last week and a half looking for a job. Though now it has dawned on me, this is my opportunity to pursue my dreams.

    So have I or am I making money online? Well it's complicated, most of my ideas I have pursued in the past have been set and forget ideas so i could continue developing. Which most will know is not something that will work out good without either a lot of time or investment. That being said I have 6 sites currently earning money which are set and forget. Unfortunately i was banned from google adsense so what was £400 a month has become $100 a month. Though I haven't been paid yet from most of these new streams so I am disregarding these from my goal.

    So why have I got the dream of making it on my own?
    I have many skills and a lot of knowledge in many aspects. The past couple of years I've been pursuing 3D and 2D Game development. I would like to end up as an indy game developer. Though for that I will need the time to finish the mammoth projects I am working on.

    So why only £400 a month?
    I'm being realistic, that is a part time wage in the UK and something I could live off for now. If i struggle to get back into the web development industry a part time job doing something else is what I would have to settle with for now either way.

    So do I know SEO?
    I do know quite a bit but at the same time I often think back to the days of article directory's, oh dear. Also I've generally been a white hat man.

    Ok so what's the plan?
    To start reading the forums for as many different strategies as I can to formulate my own plan. I am also making this thread to have as much suggestions and help as anyone is willing to give.

    What do i own?
    I have a copy of No Hands SEO
    I also have hosting, which is paying for itself with my other sites.

    Wish me luck and all suggestions, help is hugely appreciated.