My Journey to $3,000 per Week

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    Ok to start my story off, last week, my company has hit the best single week ever about $3,000 in one week.

    I don't want to tell you my exact site that I make my big money on, but it is a webcam recruiting site, or Webcam Studio for the broadcasting company streamates. I started back in 2010, at first I had no idea of seo, or anything. I just used craigslist (adult gigs) back when they had them on CL. I got hundreds of hits per day and normally about 20 people would sign up to my site per day. I always keep expanding my site, so I added a affiliate program, and thats when my site really started making money. At first I was only making a few hundred per week, then in about 2011 it started making over 1k a week. Thats when i got really involved in seo, and started a few of my other sites, I make money from those sites too, but I did not include those profits in this. Once I got good at seo, I was making over 2k and now I can say that im doing great at 3k a week.

    I still want to make more, if anyone wants to join up with me, I have many sites, but so little time, If your interested pm me. Must be ok with adult.
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    PornGuy I have to ask, did you build the site yourself or use a prepackaged script or did you outsource the development?