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My Journey to 2k per Week

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by phenylalanine, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. phenylalanine

    phenylalanine Newbie

    Mar 25, 2016
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    Wow, reading some of these journeys has inspired me to start journalling my own.

    I've been researching around here and other places for a week or so and have come up with a plan of sorts. It is goal orientated and methodological more than formulaic. The methodology is what I'm calling the ph4nl method, as it relates specifically to me and my requirements. The specifics I'm hoping will emerge from the process. Kind of like a machine learning algorithm ..

    I invented it by asking myself what I want my life to look like. I then set to work, like an architect sketching house (more building metaphors to come), on designing a life that I want.

    This is what I designed:

    I want to live in a nice apartment by myself in a suburb in a nice city with a large disposable income and absolutely no obligations. From this platform, I believe I could attain a nirvanic, epicurean fulfilment sustained by watching films, going to markets, swingers parties, wine for breakfast, laughing at the assholes wearing high-viz shirts catching the bus in the morning, and so on.

    This life I designed, architecturally, I call my mansion. My mansion is not my apartment—my apartment is my apartment; my mansion is my abstract vision of my desired life. I can see it in my mind. My mission is to build my mansion and move in.

    Here is what appeared in my notepad when I initially started sketching out my mansion.


    As you can see it's a simple tree diagram with money being the root of all good.
    It looks better to see it as a tree actually, to illustrate how the money seed is planted into the earth and from that one thing, things like waking up at 11am, opening a bottle of Shiraz, sitting on a beanbag and playing Dark Souls on PS4 flower:


    Well that looks pretty horrible, obviously, but you have to imagine it all green and leafy with beautiful flowers. I might hire an artist to bring it to life.

    So how do I build my Mansion?

    I need some money. But more than that, I need it to be self sustaining, otherwise it wont be able to support the other elements higher up the tree, leisure, etc.

    After researching I've decided that either investing or making money from the internet are the way to go. Since investing seems a little intimidating, and probably requires a fair amount of capital to get anywhere, I'm going to start looking into methods of making money online.

    I've started doing this and put a couple of things into action. But I'll leave that for the next part. I'll also explain how I figured I'd need 2k per week to build my mansion.
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  2. T0miZ

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    Apr 10, 2016
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    Best of luck on your journey. I'm curious to see what sort of methods you'll be using. I'll be following for sure.
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