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My journey to $100/day

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by spikyy, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. spikyy

    spikyy Junior Member

    Jul 27, 2008
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    Hello fellow bhw members and thank you for taking your time to click on this thread.

    My story:

    After reading quite a few journeys and looking back on my past at all the ideas and projects i have forgotten about or threw away because of the lack of motivation, chilidish thinking, lack of time and other "things", here i am starting my own journey. I am doing this because i have come to a point in life when i'm mature, skillful, serious and resourceful enough to meet the success and by starting this journey i have the feeling that i will gather all the necessary motivation to keep it going. I love IT, i am passionate about anything which relates to technology since i can remeber. I am also a programmer, web developer mostly, but can handle pretty much every programming task and i can switch and learn pretty much everything, web/cloud/linux/networking i can play with any of these.

    My profile:

    Strong points: Good analytical thinking, Lots of programming experience, Ingenuity, Ability to see things that others don't see, Modesty and open to learn anything from anybody.
    Weak points: Not good with writing, Lazyness, Lack of motivation, Focusing for a long period of time on one thing whitout getting bored, complaining too much. (I'm working on fixing all of these)

    What is my goal ?

    1. To help people.
    2. To make enough money to live stress-free and comfortable while helping people.

    How much is enough ?

    $100 per day constantly.

    What is the plan ?

    Creating, developing, deploying, maintaining and monetizing a product (software or web application) that helps people, especially bhw members in their proccess of making money that will eventually lead to $100 per day in sales.

    How much time ?

    20 hours per week
    12 months

    Where to start ?

    Right here, by asking you guys what piece of software or web service would help you and you would be glad to pay money for it.
    How much money would you pay and what your expectations for this product would be ?
    Hopefully some of you will respond to these questions and i will make a poll with your ideas. After you vote the best one i will start planning, and working on it to make it real.

    What do you get by helping me ?

    Besides the karma points, all the users that will contribute will certainly get an early beta access to the application and they will have the opportunity to make requests.
    The one or the ones whom idea will be picked will have free for life access.

    Ho to keep the motivation going ?

    Recording the time invested in this project and posting a thread for every 10 hours, which is a minimum of 2 posts per week summarizing my activity.

    What is the first step ?

    To start a very creative discussion in this thread that will lead me to choose the right product and the niche that i have to start working on.

    Congrats for reaching the last point!

    It would be a good decision to write your thoughts after being so kind and read my entire post and i will be very appreciative and thankful if you do it.