My journey to 10$ / day

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    Hi everyone !

    I'm finaly taking action, with a goal of 10$ / day.
    It's not much but like this, every cent is a little succes, with high goals i might never be satisfied when i see low income day after day at the start.
    I'll make a bigger goal when the first is reached.

    What I'll do : An Amazon afiliate wordpress site with product reviews in France
    I'll be able to work 1-3 hours / day on that, but the objective is to have a nearly passive income when it's ready

    What I have for now (day 1) :
    - Some Amazon afiliate accounts (.fr, .de, .es, .com ...)
    - A domain name (not exact name)
    - A web server
    - A wordpress theme (with pluggin review and all-in-one SEO)
    - An ahrefs Lite account
    - scrapebox (I use it to find blogs, but no mass commenting)

    What I need to do
    - Find good keywords and products
    - Write articles (1 /2 per day)
    - Customize more my wordpress theme
    - Do SEO (comments on blogs, forums, wikis...)

    For now, i have problems finding some good keywords.
    When I find an interesting product on amazon, keywords are higly competitive and/or with a lot of adwords
    When i find low competitive keywords, I don't find interesting products on amazon

    If you have any advice to give, feel free to help ^^
    And if you have questions, fell free to ask :)

    I will keep you updated with my project.