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    Hello everyone!!

    My name is Dragos and I'm reading this forum for almost a year and i learned a lot of things, but the real problem is that i didn't know where to start from. I tried a lot of things like ClickBank, PPD, YouTube and other methods and i can say i didn't had so much luck, although i worked hard for every project...but i think i went to the wrong direction almost every time.

    I had a little success with ClickBank with a product that i knew very well from the gaming industry, but only for a short time because the popularity of the product lowered a lot in the last 7-8 months, and the sales went down. On the same time, i managed to make another 4 sales with 2 different products, but i guess that was only my luck, because 4 months have passed and still no sales. My 200$ check from Clickbank has arrived 3 days ago and I'm happy.

    My 2013 resolution is to succeed on the IM with the AdSense program and Micro Niche Sites and maybe in the near future with the Amazon Affiliate program, because it's not a big difference on the work (I think...). I know it's not the right time for MNS because of Google Updates, but i read that some money still can be done, and 10$/day it's not a big amount and i hope for the best results.
    What i have and what i know:
    - NicheCracker - because finding the right niche and keyword is one of the most important steps, i spend a lot of time with this tool;
    - Hosting - the cheapest one that i found, but also very slow :( - it's the first thing i'll change when i will earn my first dollars;
    - Wordpress - i can modify themes, i know a little bit of css, html, php, configure and modify plugins;
    - Personalized logos - some basic photoshop knowledge;
    - AdSense Account - it's an old one with 8$ on it from my old projects (around 2010) - i was a real noob back then;
    - Yahoo! Answers account - i have this old account level 2 and i can post links;
    - A lot of time.

    What i have done since now:
    - Two micro niche sites up and running created by me from the scratch, both of them with EMD;
    - One micro niche site bought today from williamk and waiting for the product;
    - I bought some backlinks from Fiverr for one of my sites one week ago;
    - I created a blog with two unique articles and links for my main site;
    - I answer regularly on Yahoo!Answers on targeted Questions for one of my sites.

    Some details according to Google Webmaster Tools -
    • The avg. position for my first site is 8.4 for the main keyword.
    • The avg. position for my second site is 11 for the main keyword and 4, 10, 15 for LSI keywords.

    That's what i have done these days and I'm working every day to improve the results. The thread will not be updated daily, at least in the start, because I'll do grunt work like writing articles, making backlinks or answering on Yahoo!Answers and I'll update with only things that matter.
    I'm waiting for your questions and advices, or anything that can help me to improve my work and reach my goal of 10$ a day. Good luck everyone!
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    Congrat, you just start to make more money and reach more success in IM this year.
    I like to read journey forum, every single person make a new thread for his journey like you .. it raise my motivation to do same thing .. being success