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    I've decided to write my journey down and hopefully remember to update it daily.

    Ok. So, after finally getting over being fired from a really nice job at a blog (3K monthly give or take... one article netted me over $15k because I went viral - very sad), I'm finally to a point where I can focus. So, I'm starting from the bottom, but that's OK.

    My goal... as of now... $5 a day. I'm tempted to say $1 a day but I'll set the bar a bit higher. I'm setting such a low goal to not get discouraged since I know this takes lots of work and patience.

    Resources I have already:

    Sites & Social Media:
    One viral content site with growing FB page (1,871 likes 47,079 reach 5,381 enagement), ignored Twitter page (71 followers), and a somewhat automated Tumblr with TumbleNinja.
    Two adult niche twitters with about 1000 followers collectively.
    Writing profile for my pen name.
    Access to some FB pages with tons more likes and higher reach that would fit the general news site or I could link back to the general news site from when writing for them.
    Hot girl FB profile I created (228 friends so far).

    Services and Programs/Scripts I'm using:
    TumbleNinja Bot (have not used this lately - I'm not sure if it really is worth the time?)
    TumblRipper to scrape pics from Tumblrs for my adult Twitter feeds.
    Hootsuite free for posting to Twitter quickly.
    Viral Autobot.

    Services I'm Considering Or Things I Need To Look Into:
    Cloaking links (I'm completely clueless about this).
    How to do landing pages (Clueless).

    Monetization Methods:

    Websites: Adsense and Infolinks. Considering Revenuehits for popunder.
    Twitter Feeds: Crakrevenue and Chaturbate (not sure which is better... I like Chaturbate so far - it's simpler).
    Always looking for new methods.


    Viral Content Site

    1. Get back to posting at least once daily preferably three to site.
    2. Monetize with two Google ads.
    3. Make a decision on Infolinks or Revenuehits or use both. I've heard the popunder is good from Revenuehits. Do not want to spam ads, however.
    4. Mix this in with 3 video posts through Viral Autobot for the FB page to continue growing reach.
    5. Find more & share to groups related to viral content, funny videos, etc... (Suggestions?)
    6. Start using daily script to find related followers and follow them and build its Twitter page.

    Getting the viral content site going will be quicker to see some return since I can at least see some pennies rolling in (as compared to the affiliates - every penny counts especially to my confidence). This would be quicker than Twitter accounts as they need to grow (and I need more). If I can get my connections to share my posts on their pages, it will be much quicker to see some return.

    Also, I'd like to eventually sell it maybe.

    Adult niche Twitters

    1. Continue to run my follow script daily. So far, I'm gaining about 200 followers daily.
    2. Scrape images from Tumblr for related niches.
    3. Tweet 5 pics from 10 am to 12 am related to their various niche.
    4. Add in affiliate codes, about 2 per day (unless someone can suggest more - do not want to lose these accounts though).
    5. Continue to make more adult niche Twitters.

    I can do all this at nighttime fairly quickly as I don't want my kid to see what I'm doing or I can do all at once and set myself up for a lengthy period of time.

    More Things I'd Like To Explore:

    1. Adult niche Tumblrs and monetizing them - I'm very interested in this as I just genuinally love Tumblr itself.
    2. Automated adult tube site. I have a theme for this already but have to buy a domain and hosting that will allow it. Looked at hostgator, but not very sure on what to go with. Must. Be. Cheap (yes I know you get what you pay for).

    This may seem like a whole lot, but I don't know what to do with myself when I don't have something to do or focus on!