My Journey Into Offline and Outsourcing

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    I've been in IM for well over 6 years.

    For those who've been around that long you know the drill. You get excited, then you find out that its hard work. You read other people's posts and blogs and wonder where you went wrong since you're definitely not making what they are claiming.

    You give up, start again, give up and start again. Lucky for me, I had a few online clients who kept me going with article writing and link building gigs. But, to be honest, I never broke from mid income level.

    After 10 yrs in the US, I decided to move back to my homeland to just retire with my few clients. In some countries, earning $100 a day is very good money.

    I packed my bags, including my computers, and set up shop in my bedroom. Still servicing my long time clients. From a third world country this time.

    Then, a neighbor asked me, "what do you do?"

    "IM", I said.

    "What is IM?"......then life began....

    Apparently, since the internet was still new, everyone wanted a website. So I got a few "build for me a website" gigs. But, there was a problem. When you find a commune of lepers, trying to sell them shoes may not be a very good marketing plan.

    I love internet marketing, but hate building websites. Thus, I went back to my cocoon as I thought "these people", would never get it.

    Times Can Change Dramatically

    For those still wondering if this IM thing is worth the effort, the rest of the story should make you work harder.

    One day, a lady came to see me wanting to learn how to make money online writing articles. I introduced her to a few of my clients and she got gigs quickly. Sometime this year in February, she asked me to go on radio and discuss "how to make money online".

    As IM'ers, you know radio or media is great for you.

    I went for one show. Before the end of the show, the host asked me to appear for the rest of the month. You see, I was a bit different from the other guests who went there. I told guys without flinching that IM is hard and only the best survive. I told them stories I had read on BHW and WF of the things that newbies undergo. I then showed them a few of my websites.

    The next thing I knew was being asked to hold a seminar guessed it. " I want to make money online" crowd. I didn't want to but heck, that is what the market wanted.

    After the seminar, we set up a small IM coaching class and we got our first 40 clients in IM. Instead of me building websites which I hated, why not teach the farmers how to farm.

    After teaching the farmer to farm, it was obvious to them that creating websites, ranking them, article marketing, link-building was not as easy as they thought.

    So the next progression was to create an outsourcing outfit. I located the outsourcing company far from the city where wage bills are very high. I got and trained 40 writers and now....

    I can't get enough of media hype. I have been in 3 TV shows, 4 radio programs, a magazine profile with the largest magazine in the region...

    All because:

    1. I still have the websites that I bought 6 yrs ago...So proof of doing it for long is there
    2. I never stopped trying new things in IM...So when one of my clients gets into a Google dance, I am there to assure them that it only takes a few weeks and they are back at first
    3. I read and keep every document I get on IM...Apparently, this business is about the most informed and there's a lot of info even here on BHW
    4. I work my butt off...If someone had told me how hard IM was, I probably would never have started
    5. I stick to the plans that work...I realized that changing marketing plans is actually a business cost
    6. If you want to do offline business, keep away from the "I want to make money online" crowd. Get the business people instead..You can offer extra services like I have done with creating content for their websites.
    7. Read, learn and WORK...A plan is just a plan, if you don't implement, then you are no better than the guy offline who doesn't know about IM.
    8. Keep a jug of vodka, rum and anti-depressants ready as this is the ride of your life.
    I love BHW. Been here for a while but read a lot instead of posting. Maybe its my time now to give back.

    Good luck everyone!
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