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    Hi every one in BHW! I knew BHW 2 months ago and I read and read so much.
    I read many methods which seems useful to make money. I tried a bit but I got no results.
    Maybe I didn't have enough determination, so I gave up.
    But now I have fully determination to get a first sale in IM.
    I am writing my journey here because I want someone read my journey ---> I can't give up again. And I want to improve my English,too.
    You know, I'm not a native English speaker. I'm sorry about my english. I have poor grammar and vocabulary. So I will get some
    troubles in this thread. But if you don't mind, follow me and hope I get my first sale in my life :).

    I will promote for a new product about making money on Facebook. It will be released on July, 30th. I have 2 weeks to prepare.

    Day 1:
    - I register a domain with product name +"review" .
    Yes I will give my review about this product. I try to make my site is in page 1 google. The visitor searches by keyword:
    "product name +"review"" , surf my site and buy the product through my affiliate link. (I hope so).
    - Register host.
    - Install Wordpress. Skin and some plugin.

    This process costs me: 0$.
    Why? Because I don't have any money in Paypal. Therefore, I beg ( :) ) domain and host in some website. Fortunately,
    I get helps from my friends. I use free skin and plugin.

    Now these are all things to do for day 1.

    Tomorrow I have a big exem so I don't have enough time for doing my stategy.

    Day 2: (Tomorrow)
    - I will write myself one article for my site. This content of the article is: What is the product and list some functions of it. And I
    analyze its usefulness.
    Well, maybe I need someone to help me with this step. You know, I don't good in English so I will get many errors about grammar or

    - Then I will collect list of web 2.0, article site, ... to SEO my website.

    OK, These are what I will do tomorrow. I will update soon.!!
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