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My Journey from Scratch

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by happylama, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Aug 1, 2016
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    Hey, after my first journey which wasn't really a failure , I decided to make a new journey with a whole new way of thinking , I am starting this from scratch and I will try to not use any money unless its for a domain name or a hosting plan.
    This journey goals :
    1- Creating A money website from scratch.
    2- Creating a extra-heavy slowly built network which will take many steps.
    3- Creating a java software which will manage all my social media accounts and my 2.0's websites.
    4- Make 100$ / day .

    How :
    First of all , the moment I am writing this ,I already finished the website template which took me one week, I ordered a hosting plan ( the cheapest one ) and turned the website on. I made a few hight quality posts with adsense ads and two products campaigns from Maxbounty.
    For the network , I will create 10 2.0's each week for the money site , I already have 10 which were created two days ago (02-12-2016) , I made a hight quality post in each of them, 5 has the same post with some hand made changes, the others have different posts.I will age them for 1 week before adding backlinks.
    So , this is how am going to do it :
    - each week I will make new 10 (2.0)'s for my money website and let them age for 1 week before adding backlinks. ( I will be scalling to 30 or 40 of 2.0's for the money site).
    -While waiting them to age, I will be doing some hight quality backlinks (handly) with a scale, I started with 2 backlinks per day and now am doing 3 backlinks per day, so everythings looks natural.
    -Every time I would create a new 2.0 I will make sure to make new social media accounts for it.
    -Every 3 days, I will be creating 5 new 2.0's for the first 2.0's circle, until I scale up to 5 for each one
    - In the same time of everything above, I will be creating the java software so I can easly manage all the social media accounts .

    PS: I work fast !
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