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My Journey, From Nothing To Something ...

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by denz88, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    About me / My short story :

    I have 29 years, from Europe, married with amazing woman, baby daughter.

    Back in 2009 I was trying my luck for first time online but in music world, I use to make beats for hip hop/rap/rnb music back in days, so I decided to start something online.
    Results was really fast, people heard about me and this story is not that much important how much is, how for the first time I got that feeling when you earn money online :)
    Didnt sold too much, 70/80 beats...

    Anyway, because I was spending 10 hours apx. online I saw this and that, how to earn money online in this and that way, so I started asking myself, what can I do about that.
    In my country IM is not that much popular even today, for example where I live people still never understand when I say what I work and how I earn money, to not talk about 6 years ago.
    I was alone, and my first goal was to find someone to at least talk about IM, what's good and what isnt etc etc

    Unfortunetly I wasnt able to find anyone, all people use to be almost the same, "here is some link, go there, pay, if I get money/commission we can talk, in other way, I'm sorry".
    I was confused, I'm not trying to beg for money or something like that, all I need is good friend, who is going to teach me, be my mentor when it's tough and sometimes benefit from me, but no, that just never happen.
    With my not that good English I decide to try my luck with people world wide.
    Results was amazing, people was so nice, and really fast I was able to hit my first online goal, find good people.

    From 2009 to 2011 I spent every day with those people, but mostly I was reading and learning, at least 10 hours a day I was doing that.

    What is my success :

    I was in not cool situation, I didnt have any money, yeah...
    So, I was looking for some free stuff, and it was beguning of 2011 I think when for the first time I started working on some porn/adult image sites and in same moment I was on adfly and not sure about ad focus, and some other site like peoplestring etc etc
    In next couple of month I lost good 20 kilograms, from 90 to 70kg, I sleep for not more then 5 hours/day and I was working really hard, that's how it is even today, I love to work really hard.
    First month wasnt that much of success, but to short this story...

    After a month for the first time I was able to see something good, I saw that I can, I tested some methods and in about few weeks I was able to get to $5/day.
    In that period for me that was more then just money, yes it is "just" $5 for some of you, but for me back in days that was more then just money as I said.
    I was able to see BIG picture, and in next 1 month my earnings exploded, $20/$25 day with 35.000/50.000 views daily.
    Now again, please understand that this was a period when I didnt know way too much about traffic and everything else.
    My point from that moment is, make $500 and invest in other projects, which happen really fast.

    Now, I have money and I have BIG picture in my head, in a situation where 90% of people would just w/d that money, take it out, I wasnt even thinking about that...
    In next few days I invested that money in one big company, and I got lucky to know some people who work there, and you would not believe what's happening next.

    In next 30 days I got 1 message, message that is going to change my life!
    I dont like to talk about myself too much in a good way, but that's who I am, good person in everything, good friend on first place, people saw that, they saw how hard I work and they wanted to help me.
    Few of my friends done something amazing for me.
    In a company where I invested my money, 1 position was opening, new work position, and I got that :)

    So, now I work for $150/week-$600/month and that was just a start.
    My first job was moderator/speaker in a room which use to be open 24/7/365 and you can just imagine how I was feeling.
    I was there for the next 2 months, and then I got new position in company, I was still moderator but now in a better place, for $340/week $1,360/month.

    Now imagine how I was feeling and how I was thankful for everything, from where I come, on what I was working and where I am now... Amazing...
    In next few months I got a job in Support dep. I was also able to get my wife to work, and now we have almost $800/week, she use to work for $430/week + I was investing money in other projects, testing a lot of new stuff for me, and how time was going I was just better and better.

    So I was making $5,000/$6,000 a month in that period, not every month, but in next 30 months we never got 1 month less then $2,000.
    It was like a dream come true guys, even when I'm typing all this I have tears in my eyes.

    2013 we got a daughter, and everything was so perfect.

    In my main company I have account worth $105,000 and in my 2nd company I have close to $50,000 and we are one happy family with few more source of income...

    It was start of 2014 when for the first time I was able to feel something I dont really want anyone else never to feel.
    After 30 perfect months, our main company went down, now before I say more about that I want to say that we knew that is going to happen, nothing in this world cant be there for life, but when that happen you really feel bad as hell, no one is or no one cant prepare you for that, please have in mind that we just got daughter, none of us work in offline world, our only source of income was online.
    So, our company went down, 300+ employes got kick in azz basicly with what happen, all our money disapired in 1 second basicly and I wasnt able to do nothing about that, big nothing, there was something, we employes was triping to do but that just never happend of course.

    Now I was in a bit different situation, I have my 2nd company, income is around $1,200 to $3,000/month but now I cant split some money and invest in some other/new projects.
    I need to w/d all that money to my bank account, all, 100%!
    End of 2014, BOOM, our 2nd source of income disapired over night!

    I believe I lost 45 kilograms in next 2, but not more then 2 months, I went from 120kg to 75 right now, it was like, why?! Why now?! Why me?! JUST WHY?!

    There is a lot of other things but if I wrote about every single thing this post is going to be really huge and already is huge, anyway you guys understand now why this isnt possible to wrote in 100 words.
    Plus I just feel like I need to say everything so I can keep myself motivated.

    At the end, we lost A LOT in a really bad time, we have daughter in bad country where govermant just doesnt give a sh** about any kind of help.
    Anyway, 2015 supposed to be year where I'm going to brake $100,000 in earnings/per year, but instead of that I lost everything.

    Goals from now ?

    I was able to keep myself motivated somehow, to keep working even this bad things happen, to be totally honest I didnt got any good results in this 2015.
    Got maybe 2 months with $700 to $1,000 earnings and that's that.

    Now, what keeps me to still work?
    My family on first place and on second, I believe in myself, I believe there is a lot more that I can do, a lot!

    First goal is to make enough profit in next period for at least 1 domain and hosting, I'm not sure how much do I need but I believe $150 for a 1 year or even 2 year would be enough.
    I have hosting which is going to expire in 2016, but somehow I want everything completely new for some reason, I also have 1 or 2 domains but they include my names which in this time I really cant do much with them, I just need new domains.
    I also have over 100+ people waiting on me, waiting on my come back every day, reason?
    No one work with them like I do in this country, I really care about them, I have love to share and I'm not arogant mo fo who is there just because of money, we all need money to survive, yeah that is true but not always everything is in money.

    Anyway, goal is to work with CB and Amazon, reviews.

    Main problem is, I dont have nothing that is going to generate 100% income in next few days/weeks/months.
    I do have YouTube and adsense, I'm still testing this, in first 10 days I was able to generate close to $25, but I need at least 70 euros to take that money out so I can invest that on other side, we will see how that is going on, still just pure testing.
    PPV, where I was able always to get new methods which always worked, but now in 2015 for me somehow just nothing works for some reason.
    I have some plans, we will see.

    So, at the end one BIG sorry guys, first of all because of this big post and 2nd because of my English.
    I just need something to motivate me and others maybe, so I open new thread.
    I just need something to keep me going on, no matter what!

    I'm going to post sometimes once in week (updates), sometimes few times daily, really dont have plans about that for now, it all depends on how much of action I have in what I am going to do and what are the results.

    Once more again, I'm sorry for this post, it is long, but I believe I just cant explain everything in few words and I need to say everything cause I'm honest.

    My Main Goals :

    Main goal for now is to get anything, $2/day, $10/day doesnt matter for real, just need to be constant earnings, I just need something to keep me going.
    I want to get back on $100/$200+ day!

    It can take me from few weeks to few years to get there again.
    If you have any suggestion feel free to share, I am not expert in anything but I know basic and lil more about everything.
    Anyway, I will update you guys as much as I can, it all depends on action and what's happening for real.
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  2. goodperson

    goodperson Elite Member

    Jan 3, 2015
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    Very good . Good luck and best wishes to you.
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  3. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    First Update

    First of all I need to say that I dont feel very good at all, my brain is full and wants to explode!
    BHW is full of great methods and great people, I found it very friendly forum where people for real wanna help anyone, from noobs to expert, and that is exactly what I love to see.
    Anyway, my story aint that cool and when you come from that situation, when all that bad things happen in past, not sure if this is for everyone but I am so losted.
    More I read, more I feel sick, so I think I need to stop with all this reading, stop reading about jouneys and methods and just take action, once more again forum is FULL with good methods and it's like some kind of addiction when you read all that, you want to try this but then you read about something else and you want to try that, omg o_O

    After few days of thinking what should I do, I decide to go all in with "adult methods".
    When I say all in I mean all in with my free time, at least I have free time...
    Not sure why but whenever I worked in past with adult, profit was always there.

    I just cant work on YouTube and some other methods, they are all different from each others and I am not ready for that, my brain took already enough damage.
    So, the best thing for me is to pick one method and just work on that.

    For this method you need to have really abnormal patience, or at least for what I'm gonna do.

    1. Tumblr
    2. Twitter
    3. Reddit
    4. Juicy Ads or anything that will generate some income (later)

    So, my plan for now is to start with one Tumblr, yeah just one, remember also that I'm just testing still what work and what not, I've been already in this type of industry enough to know what I need to do, but on other side years and years has past so, yeah, everything has changed since then, so I need to test and have good patience for what I'm gonna do.
    On that Tumblr I'm going to test everything...
    Few days later I will for sure open few more, but not more then 5, because the thing is all I'm going to do is going to be manualy, no bots etc etc, nothing from that world.

    Twitter account, also opening for test, follow not more then 40 people daily, see how much of them will follow me back, retweet/back, posts and test how much people will come from Twitter.
    Again, really sucks and it really brakes me when I think about domain.

    I did create on freenom one free .tk but from what I heard and what I saw, Im not expecting too much from that, if it is true that, when you get just 50 or 100 people checking your site every day, people from Freenom will add some sort of ad fly links to your/my site so they can earn money, which is BS if you ask me but that's the cost of free things I guess.

    Anyway, in my situation I cant really have some choice, so...

    Reddit use to be money machine for me and for a lot other people, but as everything else they also have learned a lot in past from us, but again I believe there is always few tricks that work on reddit, we will see.
    I really count on Reddit so much, use to get around 50,000 hits and 40,000 UV from just as 10 posts back in days, and always got new methods that worked, will see how that goes now and I will for sure share if any new method work there.

    About generating income, it's too late to even think about "profit", so that is not what I should even think about right now.
    In around month from now I will check few of them and start working on that.
    For now I really need to concetrate on building everyhing I need, work on that every day, simply just be constant and results are there.
    When we are constant in what we do, there is no failure as option in that story, trust me, it happen so many times.

    That is that for now I believe, I have so much work to finish this days, all that "boring work", but I love to work and it's not a problem, I am ready for everything, aint gonna be easy but as I said, just be constant and have some patience, results are there.

    If anyone have any question, idea, what should I try or whatever, share what you have.
  4. success1988

    success1988 Regular Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Dude your story very touched me inside. Do what the best you think right. Do not give up. Always make a backup plan incase your first plan didnt go so smooth as you think.this day competition are hard.keep think out of the box you will find your own secret ingredient making money.good luck mate.
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  5. thesmashge

    thesmashge Power Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    Wow...A long read....I am going to follow this thread closely.
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  6. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Thank you.

    What I'm going to type now can be understanded in 2 ways, so please whoever read this, understand this in right way.

    I lost everything because of my family, explanation...

    When you are alone, when you are young or old doesnt matter, when you have $5,000/month, you have so much options, you can use all your profits and invest in 10 different ways if you want, which is the point of course, more streams of income so you never depend on just 1.

    My problem was family, I am now family man, now I have my family, I am father and I need to think about 100 things every single day.
    More you get older more bills you have to pay :)
    So, I use to withdraw every single $ because we needed money for life, bills and everything else.
    If I was alone and if I got mom and dad whit good salarys, I would spent all my profit in something that will create more income of course but in my case, that mission was impossible.

    People who have their own families will understand this, of course even 10 year old kid can understand what I want to say but I'm just saying that people with families will understand better.

    I believe everything that is happening in our lifes has their own "why", why this and that happend.
    My story is sad cause I know I didnt diserve all that, but also life goes on and we need to fight to the last moment, chance to create something are always there, it all depends on people, will they take action, will they just stop after one small lost . . .
    I'm going straight forward without asking question and geting back, of course it's not that easy but again, it all depends on people, I'm saying again, it's not easy to just forget everything, it's not easy to live with that in your mind, it's not easy at all do not get me wrong but anyway, if I was able to get for real from nothing to something back in days when I was pure amater, I believe really strong that even sky is not limit today with all my experience.
    Time will tell, I'm not going to push myself, day by day, week by week, month by month...
  7. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    2nd Update

    Not that much happen in last 15/20 hours, I mean not that much worth of typing but I'm going to do this so I can push myself, motivate or whatever...

    Created 2 Tumblr account, already 20+ post on both, followed 30/40 people x2, got back for now on main one 7 notes, 2 followers.
    Not sure what this dude is doing but I got 5 from 7 notes coming from same person, 5 notes from 5 different accounts, using same avatar picture on all 5 accounts, different names but same picture, which is really stupid, not sure what he is trying to do but I dont like it at all, cause Tumblr may think that's all me, will see how that goes.
    On other Tumblr, nothing special, schedule a lot posts on both accounts btw...

    Reddit, oh boy...
    Reddit changed a lot, it's almost impossible to post even on really small subreddits, mods just dont wanna look at you, not sure what's going to happen there but from what I saw, not sure, it's not going to be easy at all, but this is just first day and I'm not stopping because Reddit is money machine if you know how to use it, will see.

    Twitter, 2 accounts, 30/35 follow on both (60/70) got back around 10.

    .tk Im not even gonna try spent days and weeks on that, they will just take that domain at one moment so, nope.

    Today I'm going to open a lot of new accounts on a lot image sites, also have few tricks here and there I need to try and see what is the best.

    Now, I did say I aint gonna open multiple accounts because I'm just testing, anyway I decided yesterday to open more, because in 1 work hour I'm done for next 4 or 5 days, so I was thinking and decide to open 1 more Tumblr + Twitter, so I dont get bored really fast lol

    Today, nothing special, I'm going to follow people, waiting for them to follow back, building all this as much as I can and that's basicly that.
    When time comes I'll add some affiliate links, so I can earn for few domains + hosting service and after that there is no limit!

    As most of you guys can see, nothing special is happening for now, I'm sorry for that but that's how it is for now, I believe in 2/3 months period I'll be done with this first goal so we can set up this journey on other level and that's when all the fun is going to happen, right now for real nothing special.
  8. 7th Sense

    7th Sense Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 29, 2014
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    Great never give up buddy...
    You can make it...
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  9. TayaX

    TayaX Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 13, 2010
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    Skype : TayaxBHW
    Home Page:
    It is through great failures that a man achieve great success.

    Good luck man.
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  10. Tomski030

    Tomski030 Regular Member

    Sep 13, 2012
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    Impressive story. I wish you all the best!
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  11. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Thank you guys for a couple of nice words, one is always the most important thing in every story, never give up, never!

    My journey is just better and better...
    Tumblr + Twitter growing really nice, nothing special, nothing big, but I am happy with what I got so far.
    Was working few hours on designing, themes are pain in ass for me when I have 100+ and I'm not sure which one to use lol happen every time even with WP.
    I'm not expecting anything for first I'll say 2 months? Something like that, also Im not using bots or any other softvare.
    Im doing all manual job, even downloading and uploading manualy all what I need.
    Im so concetrated on building followers around me in all natural ways.

    Good news!

    Good news is I'll be able to get domain name in next few days, at least I believe that is going to happen, reason?
    Ya'll know I dont have money to spare IRL, I do have online but on like 4 or 5 different sides, and none of them can't get out at least for now that's how it is, will see for future but to be honest, I need to get some money maybe tomorrow so even I really need them for life and my family I have decided to use some of them and invest in domain name for now.
    I know I will create enough money with domain in long term, I just need that damn domain.
    If you are asking yourself, why is this guy so much "honest", that's just who am I ;)

    Anyway I have one question right now, this is maybe noob question but when you dont work with something and you are not interested in that you just dont know about that.
    I saw in one thread here, not sure which one tbh but OP said :

    All we need is just domain, we dont need host...?

    Can someone explain to me how that goes? How can I upload for example, images, videos etc etc on my domain if I dont have hosting service?

    Again, I belive it is noob question but I really need to ask because if I can do that, that is so great, my budget is low as hell so, yeah.
    Thank you in advance guys for any reply on this about domain/hosting.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2015
  12. widdows9000

    widdows9000 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 15, 2013
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    Full Time Idiot
    Your Imagination
    Great story my friend.
    You will need a hosting, you need to host your domain somewhere.
  13. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Thank you widdows
    Well yeah, that's what I was thinking about, not sure about what that dude is than talking about, never mind.

    While I am here, let me update this journey.

    Tumblr + Twitter are growing, nothing special but I'm happy with results so far.
    Tumblr 50+ notes and 15 followers, new post every 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
    Twitter is doing ok also, 20+ followers.
    As you can see nothing special for real, reason for my slow start here is because I want to be slow, I want slow building, I'm not following 500 people on Twitter and Tumblr, I really want to build this on long term.
    Anyway, my journey is going ok.
    Building really nice Tumblr + Twitter, also I saw some free hosting service which I may use just so I can test few things which I cant test with Tumblr, will see how that goes.

    If you ask me, of course I dont like it, I mean on free hosting service, but I cant really change that for now so I need to be patient and not lose myself like 80% of us when we dont see any results (profit/money).

    I'm also testing some sites, will see how that goes.
    That's it for now ;)
  14. vortez

    vortez Junior Member

    Dec 19, 2014
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    If you're as hard working as you say you are, then you will achieve your goals.
  15. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Update #3

    Yesterday was a good day, the worst part of this journey are first few days, in my case that was first day, but when you see finaly some cool numbers (followers), all your work is much easier.
    On other side, again those are not still big numbers but as I said I really want to do this slow and I am more then happy with what I get back.

    Tumblr - 108 notes + 40 followers + reblogged every 2 hours but honestly, nothing special from that, for now at least (1 Tumblr account)
    Twitter - 40+ but on 2 accounts which makes me problem, I'm geting more activity on 2nd Twitter account which is not what I want, 80% more work from me on 1st and main Twitter account but I guess there is no rules about that. (2 Twitter accounts, will stop working on 2nd)

    Yesterday I tested Tumblr with a lot posts, posting every 30/45 minutes, I am too small right now to expect anything but I really need to slow down and to post max 25 time in 1 day.
    When I hit 1,000+ followers I'll test once more again if for example 50+ posts per day will get me better results then 20 or 25 per day.

    Also, yesterday I found thanks to one member here on BHW some free adult hosting service, they are really ok if you are new, like totally fresh to this and you want to see how things goes around, I'm not sure if I can post links here so I wont do that.
    You can create blogs and tube sites, and you have everything already there, it's so simple and so friendly, at least in my opinion.
    Of course, free hosting and paid hosting are two different worlds.

    Today or in max next few days I'm going on vacation with my family.
    I will have internet connection there also, good internet and I'll be working on this.
    Of course I'm gonna spend a lot more time with my family and some people out there, but also work 2 hours every day.
    All I really need to do is to have shceduled at least 30 posts, follow 30/50 daily - unfollow how much I need daily - Twitter follow 50 / unfollow...

    I'm going to use this time I got, we are going on 1 beautiful mountain, fresh air is what I need and also to charge my battery and spent more time with my family.
    Than when I come home we can talk about 2nd step and how and what's the best to bring this journey to another or 2nd level.
    I will try to update this thread at least once a day, if I dont do that please dont post, where is OP, did he just stop with everything etc, that aint gonna happen guys in this story ;)
    Wish you all best and profitable days!
  16. Neon

    Neon Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 3, 2013
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    Following your journey OP.Wish u all the best just never give up there are a lot of unique methods here !
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  17. tsubibo

    tsubibo Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2015
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    Wish you get back on your feet. Good luck!
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  18. Complicatedz

    Complicatedz Registered Member

    Jun 1, 2015
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    Wonderful story man, it's inspiring even if it seems like a low note right now. I've no doubt you'll turn it back around again soon.
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  19. denz88

    denz88 Junior Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Thank you guys.
    Complicatedz exactly, everything is still small to even talk about any success but that's why we have our journeys, so later we can come back and see where we use to be.
    Once more again, it is slow because I want to be like that.
    I mean, I can open 100 blogs + 100 Twitter accounts, I guess I would also got a lot more traffic but even I was thinking about geting 5 blogs and 5 twitter I believe it's just better to build just 1 thing and that's that.
    Be consistant = Success!

    Small update

    Right now I have 164 notes and 58 followers.
    I try once more again last night, scheduled a lot, posting on every 25/30 minutes, and what I found is, it doesnt matter for real, you can post every 2 minutes 50 img if you want or on other side post 5 img every hour, I guess it's just the same when you dont have at least, but at least 500 followers, not sure about this.

    If anyone can share their experience with posting, what better work for you?
    Post gallerys every 30 minute to 1 hour or for example, 10 posts per day with same amount of images?

    Today I will post every hour, I do have at least 1 note on every post but it's just look I'm spamming around with so many posts.
    Twitter is lil bit slow also, I have 23 followers on main account and over 30 on 2nd, which is not important anymore, maybe I will just update every week on 2nd account so that one can be alive, I believe I need that account for future so I wont just let him die.
    But anyway, I will use just 1 blog and 1 twitter.
    I'm afraid to follow too much, I guess it's ok to do 100 follows on Twitter and Tumblr (100 Twitter - 100 Tumblr), for some reason I'm not doing that, instead I follow not more then 40 I believe per day.
    Just dont wanna be banned, that's all...

    Today I will get domain name, for host I need to wait, how much I'm not sure.
    I wish I can get domain + host right now but I just cant, but it is ok.
    For now, I just want to build this journey to get to 500/1,000 followers on Tumblr and to cross line of 200 followers on Twitter in next 1 month, which I believe it is ok.

    As you can clearly see, I really dont want anything fast, slower is always better.
    Just go day by day and eventualy you will succeed in what you do.
    I'm on one mountain btw with family, I will work for 1 hour, max 2 every day, update this thread once a day, all I want for real is to charge my battery with this amazing fresh air and everything else, so I can prepare myself for what life is going to bring and punch me with that in near future ;)
    Wish you all best day!
  20. V

    V Elite Member

    May 18, 2012
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    Your story teaches us to never quit, there's light at the end of tunnel. Do not give up mate, never. I know that you will succeed if you keep at it. So, good luck to you on your journey mate :)
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