My Journey from #3 to #1- The Challenge Thread 1

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    Hello BHW,

    I think the title says it all and I am telling you, this is going to be an Interesting one ! According to one of my friend this site has got a big hammer from search Engines ( as most of the keywords have dropped in SERP but I still think if some of its keywords are sitting like this in SERP , It cant be true..). I have not seen a much fluctuation for the keywords I am targeting now. they are medium competitive with good monthly searches. and they have been sitting on page 1 from more than 6 months now. And I want to see both of them at #1. I know its quite challenging but this is WHAT we do at BHW.

    Here are some stats before I begin this :

    Its a 3 years old Domain, Page Rank 3 and Alexa under 100k.

    Keyword 1= 2800 Exact Searches (Global Monthly)
    Keyword 2= 4900 Exact Searches (Global Monthly)

    Keyword1= Quoted Results in = 98k
    Keyword2= Quoted Results in = 155k

    Targets for the Week:

    1. Checking Back link profiles of top 2 slots. Getting a generic Idea how well done they are ?
    2. Checking the current Exact Anchor text links built for my domain though seomoz pro.
    3. Building some Web 2.0 with unique content ( direct to money site no spun stuff) and LSI keywords.

    Its going to be really technical as we go along ....Hope to have inputs from you guys! Cheers!
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