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My Journey 301 redirect to succes?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by moorish, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. moorish

    moorish Junior Member

    Aug 21, 2011
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    Hi guys I have this website thats been there for about a year and a half now.
    When I started this website The first 3 months I was ranking for almost everything with little to no backlinks.
    Strange because its a very competive niche that needed alot more to rank.
    After a couple of months of starting the website all my rankings dropped massive ammounts.
    Going from 2,4mil alexa rank and 400 uniques a day to N/A alexa rank and 15 uniques a day.
    I didnt backlink this website for about a year. Because of personal issues and work I didnt Update the website in this period.
    After having more time and getting back into IM I started reading the forum again. My first reaction was I got slapped by penguin, panda or some kind of weird animal. But after reading more I realized there is such a thing called "honey moon period".
    So new websites with good content can rank easy with a couple of backlinks. e
    Last month I started backlinking again and posting new content. I dont seem to rank on the 1st page for anything in google
    I have a couple of first place ranks but thats in bing and yahoo...... Ya I know Who the fuck cares.

    Now here is the plan I know the website can rank and I know I was not penalized. I think because the ammount of backlinks was less then 100 so no spam or buying links.

    After asking experienced seo'ers on this forum and reading these 2 threads.

    I have decided to 301 redirect 7 of my websites I already have and 1 I just bought via the way described in the thread that has 32000 backlinks :D
    I will be scrapebox blasting, money robot submitter and spamming these 7 websites nonstop for the next couple of days.
    I will post my results here and I hope this will be a succesfull way of ranking my website.
    I Dont realy care if I would lose this website Or if it would get deindexed. I have already remade everything I put into the website and then some. And having no traffic at all is even worse then being deindexed......
    So fuck it and lets DO IT :cool:
    My 3 main keywords position in google atm