My Journal to $100 / Day.

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    Greetings, everybody!

    This will be my daily journal to profiting $100 a day. To begin, I have been reading about AM for about 2 years now and have only recently taken action. I started a product review site a few months back but really bit off more than I could chew. Plus, looking at it now, the site simply sucks. I think I'm averaging 20 views a day, hehe. I don't have a lot of tools currently at my disposal. I use Adobe Fireworks to make banners, and Peerfly to get my PPC/PPM campaigns. My current skills include basic webdesign (html&CSS) and graphic design.

    November is the first month I have given AM a serious attempt. I have spent $50 in POF ads ($8 remaining balance) and have profited $9.75. This puts me in the hole $28.25. ... I'm not doing too hot. However, I think the biggest problem I am experiencing is poor landing pages. I am currently ONLY doing direct affiliate links. Therefore I am at mercy of whatever landing page the offer lists (usually a pretty ugly one). Right now I am converting on a particular campaign.. About 1 in every 30. I get plenty of clicks to sign up to this free service.. But once people finally hit the landing page theydon't follow through. Since I have the offer narrowed down fairly specifically, I can rule out that it's invalid traffic (traffic that doesn't meet the offer's request) and therefore can only be attributed to a poor landing page. I plan to talk with my affiliate manager to see if I can create my own landing page for this offer.

    The second thing I have done this month is created a new bingadcenter account with $250 worth of coupons on it. I have spent $21 for this amount. So far I have profited $38.05, putting me at $17.05 profit. Even though I technically only spent $21, had I been paying "real" money I would be severely in the hole. Somewhere around $150 negative. My biggest problem I have with this is I cannot sit tight on one offer. I have promoted at least a dozen offers at the moment.. Turning them off when they reach about 3-5x the payout. I need to stick to one offer and really give it a go. Again, I am only using direct affiliate links which I know is also biting my in the butt real hard. My plan of attack is to find one offer that I really feel good about, and create a landing page for that offer. I have a remaining balance of ~$70 to play with.

    Things I have learned:

    1) BingAdcenter is a pain. I thought that by specifying that I wanted my add to appear in the United States meant they would only show it in the United States. Wrong. If you are new to this like I am, make sure that you select your campaign, go to settings, hit "locations" above the SECOND box hit "browse" and exclude from any country that your offer will not convert to. I learned this the hard way as explained in #2.

    2) I'm not sure about all ad networks, but with Peerfly I found that an offer does not even register as a raw or unique click if it's from a country that is not supported in the conversion terms. I had spent $50 in Bing (about 600 clicks) and Peerfly was only registering 50 of them. After talking with my AM and looking into the location report I saw that most of my clicks were coming from European countries which did not count towards my offer.

    3) PoF is amazing. I absolutely love that I could target my traffic to a 42 year old african american man living in london who owns a cat, a car, works as a small business owner and is looking for a serious relationship. That helps my ads a lot. Unfortunately, as stated above, I feel that the current landing pages are killing me.

    That's about it. Just to note, I am posting this mainly for myself as well as anyone else that may need some motivation. It's really hard to put in $10 only to see a $5 return. For the longest time I could only sell one of any offer. Still, the most I've converted from a single offer is 2. I will realistically probably only update this journal once a week. ;p