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    Jan 27, 2016
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    Hey guys Dafox here, I'm new to this stuff and i'm very grateful that i found this place. I came here when looking for things to help me achieve my goals and i think this is the place. My goals are to better provide for myself because i am a professional musician and you know already know that it's a struggle . I am also proposing to the love of my life ( 6 years dating) and i got to get a ring,. fitness is my other passion and i want to live the way i want for that and that cost money (especially the food), and lastly i want to help my family improve their lives.

    And that brings me to reaching out to you guys. I am looking for mentors and friends that i can connect with that will help steer me in the right direction. It's hard getting to know people and learning when your new without having friends and mentors to lead you. So here is what i'm asking if you want to connect and just have conversation and feel like you have some knowledge to drop i would be more than happy to soak up any information that you have to offer. feel free to shoot me a inbox or add me on skype - dafox345 . I would really appreciate it and i look forward to learning and growing with you guys here on the forum!

    - Dafox