My frustration with wholesale/dropshipping

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    I used to sell replicas/copies etc like a bat out of helll a few years back. I dropped off the face of the planet for a while and now getting back into the game.

    Come to find out, replicas/copies etc are a BIG no no these days which is mildly frustrating because it's hard to find drop shippers with unique products/genuine products without having the stress of thinking "Shit, is this product actually legit?"

    I'm looking for unique products, or genuine products to begin power selling again. My ebay account alone has over 2300 positive feedback. I'd be more than happy to sell again, just need to get past this replica stage (even though there was, and probably still is a lot of money to be made).

    I just don't want to have to stress about my accounts being terminated every sale.

    If you've got something to offer, or references, I'm all ears.