My friends.. Check out my new setup!

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    Two days ago, I came home from my job and lay down staring at my ceiling. I don't usually do this, or not often at least. I've got sh** to do, know what 'm sayin? Anyways, within a few minutes of thinking about what I should do with my day because I had the next day off.. I shot up with a massive dose of inspiration.

    "..I am going to transform my bedroom entirely."
    Now, I'm 19 years old living with my parents and brother. My room is essentially the only (usually) private area I have, and it was a complete and utter mess 99% of the time (typical damn teenager type sh**). If I wanted to write, work and study it would usually consist of me heading downtown somewhere to a nice library or a coffee shop. Yeah, I was one of those people that buy a single tea/coffee and sit in the same spot for hours drinking that very drink. I use to hate them too, until I realized it's actually quite peaceful.

    Anyways, if you can at all visualize a complete pig-sty of a bedroom that my mom, step-dad, brother and even girlfriend complained about constantly, I hope you can appreciate the work and innovation I put into this new setup!

    It's not even that far from being finished, and it took less than TWO DAYS to complete 90+% of it! AND FOR UNDER $150!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a writer, creator and innovator and this is single-handedly shooting my inspiration through the God damn stratosphere.


    On an somewhat relevant note, a lot of you people have inspired me from the posts you create on this forum, without even knowing it. Keep spreading the information, the knowledge and the positive messages people, you never know who you'll inspire.


    Haha, very spacious. I will be adding beanbag chairs, a new bed, purple lizards or a tarantula for the tank, pieces of art across the walls and an idea-board with a special marker/eraser.

    Cheers mateys and thanks again for the inspiration, daily.

    Edit: coincidentally my 100th post, ayyyyyyyyyyyyy. This post got me ma second star. That's fresh.
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    You should try to get a job as interior designer LOL
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    No mouse on laptop?

    Ordinary chair?

    This is bad for your back, buy nice moving chair for 200$.

    Nice, but also dark, it can hurt your eyes