My first sale!!!!!!!!

Sorry I havent been following, what did you sell? Is it commission on a $253 product? "I'd like to know more" Thanks.

I was actually really surprised. I started this site almost a year ago and put only original content on it knowing that it was highly competive. Recently submitted it to directories a bit ago though the traffic on the site hasnt really increased, actually decreased. I knew its a long term project and ask myself why I dont go after smaller niches.

It was actually 2 sales from the same customer I assume. One was worth 8$ and the other worth 245$. It was hard selling I dont expect really alot from this. But it happened and obviously I cant mention my niche.

Time to expand the site into smaller niches I think. Its been a long time coming through a lot of crap and I cant go anywhere but forward
sweet! first money in IM will feel very special for a long time! congrats bro on your success :)
Wow thats a nice commission.. congrats... Hopefully it continues for you.. what type of product did you sell ?
Worth 253$!!!! Yes...Just wanted to say thank you to BHW and for the material they provide. Could never do it without you. I wish I could enjoy it more but Im so hungover. Just woke up this morning with 2 commissions worth 253. And if you struggling dont give up just hang around here for a while and you will get there.



you have made $253 at first sales. hip hip hurray !
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