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    Hello BHW!

    Youtube has been an interest of mine since I was introduced to it in 2009. I've had so many youtube channels where I uploaded gaming videos and hack videos (made 35k+ views on 5 of my videos) but I was only 12 at the time and had no idea what I was doing. I am now 18 and have a good grasp on my goals and how to make it work. The reason I am pursuing my career in Youtube is because I currently work a part-time job at a store in the electronics department and by all means do I hate it with a passion. I want economic freedom for myself and to follow my entrepreneur interest that I've always had.

    I have failed and failed again between drop shipping, blogging, and more. This is all due to laziness.
    There is no such thing as methods don't work anymore. It is pure laziness and anything is achievable if you stick with it. This not only goes for online marketing, but also for real life. I am using this journey thread to keep myself on track. I will update this thread as much as possible (Daily but no promises).

    To begin, I currently have a Youtube channel with 100 subscribers to start. It was created in 2012 and I've used it for personal use for the longest time it feels like. To start my journey I have found a super trendy niche that with the right amount of work put into each video your video has the chance to either die off or take off. The work I will put into these videos is a high risk as in the beginning majority of them will not even pay a penny. The right way to do this is picking the right topic for each video and making it "Trendy" in your niche. By doing this you have the opportunity to have 2 million views on a channel that has 2000 subscribers. These are all examples of competition in the niche I have picked and I'm just stating what I am aware of.

    My goal: $10 a day in ad revenue via adsense by November 30th(Unless I get some feedback on here as to if I should partner with a network etc)

    On my agenda for this week:
    -Get professional graphics and animation work via fiver ($20)
    -Make a facebook page corresponding to the channel
    -Upload at least once a day (Videos take anywhere from 2-4hrs to produce)
    -Research top keywords for my niche to involve in titles, descriptions, and tags

    With time, dedication, and passion for not only making these videos but watching them grow in statistics I truly believe my goal is achievable.

    Some questions I have for you guys:
    -Any advice on ranking Youtube videos? Pulling in views?
    -Any advice in advance with using adsense? Should I use a 3rd party network?
    -If you guys have used Youtube, any huge tips or pep talks you can give me? Summarize your journeys?

    Thanks to all. Peace and Love!
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