My first indiegogo - Sushi guy project

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    Hi guys :)

    This will be my jorney to my online sushi cooking show. For a long time I wanted to do something like that, and now finally I took actions and because of that I'm really happy. So I've been working as a sushi chef for more than a year and I really like my job, I'm not earning a lot, but it's enough for now...

    Some time ago I were struggling with money and was very depressed for this, had to pay my debts and so on, long story... I thought maybe I'll be able to find some kind of fortune method, which was totally stupid... But lots of things changed to a better side, and now I'm happy that I have time to do thing, which I'm doing now.

    Couple months ago I came up with idea to make my own sushi cooking show, not to make money, but because I thought that would be nice and I would love to do it. So I created project idea on indiegogo here you can take a look as I see I can not post links, but all I want to do is to show you how it looks like and here you can see my sushies pictures, which I made all by myself.

    If everything will be allright I'll keep updating my progress, maybe in future I'll open my own restaurant, but It's just a dream... But for now I must concentrate in this project.

    Thanks for reading :)