My First Experience with WordFlood 2.0 and Article Spinning

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    Hey guys. So I'm still learning the game, studying every day... and yesterday was my first time using software to spin articles. I decided to download the Free Trial for WordFlood 2.0 and now have a pretty good grasp on what Article Spinning actually is. It's a lot less efficient than I previously though. Word Flow does not spin articles automatically, or if it does i haven't figured out how to. I had to manually go through the article and spin it myself so it would sound believable as original content, plus add a bit of my own content for uniqueness, and touch it up a bit; once more to make it believable. I don't think WordFlow has the capability to do this by itself at all.

    My first attempts at writing 500 Word SEO Articles (original content) for people (I'm a native english speaker) took me like 1-1/2 to 2 hours including research time for each article... It was just my first try. Copying about 450 words from e-books and pasting it into WordFlood, then spinning 60% unique-content 500 word articles, using WordFlood's manual spinning method, took me about 45-50 minutes... so I see efficiency there and improvement in what I can do with this software.

    I'll show you the original articles, and the articles I spun using WordFlow in that timeframe...

    Original Article 1
    60% Unique Content Spun Article 1
    Original Article 2
    60% Unique Content Spun Article 2
    My questions for you guys who know about article spinning are this...

    1. I have yet to try The Best Spinner, even though I've heard all about how good it is. Word Flood is not an automatic spinner, or if it is I haven't found out how to spin articles automatically with it yet. Is there any software out there (like tbs) in which I can input multiple articles (maybe like 10?) and it will take content from all of the articles and spit out a completely unique new article? So I'm not just beating the same article into the ground?

    2. In order to write articles for marketers through forums or Fiverr or whatever... how unique do the articles have to be to pass, and still work for the marketer? If someone wants me to write an article can I just copy it from an ebook, and spin it with WordFlood for 40% uniqueness, or 60% uniqueness, or what? It would save a lot of time if I could write an article with 40% uniqueness instead of 60% uniqueness, and still have it work for the marketer's website.

    3. How well does The Best Spinner do? Are the automatically spun articles complete garbage or what? Is there any software out there that could automatically spin an article close to the way I spun the articles here manually using Word Flood? I'm looking to spin articles in at least under 30 minutes.

    Thanks a lot guys. Just to let you guys know a bit about myself, I heard of IM maybe no more than a month ago, and this is where I am today. My goal is, in the next month or so, to be pulling in at least $400 a month from article writing whether I have to write original content myself or whatever!
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    The best spinner is very good for spinning. You can auto spin in at word level and get readable content by only removing maybe 2 or 3 words.

    You'll get down soon, I can write a 500 word, sentence spin it in my office suite and then paste in TBS and spin in probably 30 mins if I don't get distracted.

    Edit with answers to your questions:

    1. The Best spinner is very good, at you can get it for $47 for the year, head over to oDesk and find a good paying employer and you'll make this back in a day (I had 2 contracts spinning on oDesk and made $100 in 3 days using TBS, and that was 10 articles at $10 a pop).

    To do multiple articles you'd have to spin the paragraphs or sentences together.
    {Paragraph1|Paragraph2} , same for sentence. But if you want to only spin it by word, you press 2 buttons and voila, done.

    2. Your articles must be unique. If your writing it of course it's going to be unique anyway. How many people can say they've found someone who thinks and writes the exact same as them? Nobody. Remember we're all different. RESEARCH then write.

    Say I'm writing a 500 word article, I'll write down what I want to write.

    Low Carb Diets

    1. What does low carb mean
    2. What food can you eat
    3. Why it makes you lose weight
    4. Carb Cycling

    From writing that down, I know I have 4 areas to write, so each bullet point needs 125 words each. This means I'm writing 4 125 word articles and making them flow. Sounds easier, feels easier... It's how i work.
    If you sentence & word spin on TBS It will come out at a very high percentage, and I mean very high. Most of mine come out 75+% guaranteed (Sentence spun 3 times then word spun automatically (Best -> Better -> Good with a maximum of 3 synonyms).

    3. The best spinner will spin the article for you without even choosing synonyms if you want, but it only takes 2 clicks to ensure it is high quality. Auto Replace the synonyms Best -> Better -> Good and you'll be ok. Only using 2 synonyms will mean the article should be very high quality, but you'll get quite a lot less versions that 3 letters.
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    You can get SpinnerChief for free. So why don't you try that? It is almost as good as TBS.
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    You should probably get Dragon Naturally Speaking, to improve your productivity. You can buy it or find a working copy in this or another forum.
    Your computer will need AT LEAST 2gb of RAM, and a quality mike/headset also. If you have the vista os, it has a speech recognition program built in.

    BTW, I hope an adequate rewriter/spinner software NEVER comes to pass...if it does, we writers will be put out to pasture!
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    I like using WordFlood 2.0 when I want to spin content manually. It's especially useful when you're temporarily without internet (traveling by air or whatever), because you can still get some spinning done. It's my go-to offline spinner. (My only complaint is that it's a tad buggy and crashes sometimes.)