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My First Dollars

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jofalltrad3s, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. jofalltrad3s

    jofalltrad3s Newbie

    Feb 22, 2012
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    Yesterday, I made my first dollars from the internet. Opening my affiliate stat account to see that people had actually bought through me was exhilarating!

    I finally received the proof that this whole idea of making money online was real since reading the Four Hour Workweek one year ago.

    The method I used was e-whoring, not exactly "outside the box" but that doesn't really matter. The sentiment in this community seems to say that this is method isn't very welcomed, sort of like a child rapist in the prison community. Not to that extreme extent, but still the feeling is there

    But the best part is that I really don't care. To finally have some tangible dollars in my account just waiting to be mailed is just about all the motivation that I could ever need!

    I'm not quite ready to give the method out, but i'm sure most of you e-whores (i'm just calling you this because I don't know you all personally) out there already know it inside and out. Its pretty basic when you stop to think about it.

    But the biggest thing that I could impart to those trying to make their first few bucks is this, focus and just do it.

    Focus is big, I remember spending 5 hours or so reading stuff on here that didn't pertain to anything that I was trying to accomplish. If you're having trouble, pick a method and stick with it until you see results. And after some time, if you don't see any results, move on, there's no sense in being a damn fool about it.

    For kicks, search for "Art Williams Just Do It" in youtube

    Just watch all 5 min. of it and notice the change that takes place.

    To a new way of life