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    Hi, I have been reading on this forum for a couple of months. Trying to learn as much as I could, while at the same time searching and reading elsewhere.

    The reason why I have done this thread is that i have some questions and thoughts that I could need advice on.
    I will explain my work this far.

    1. I have chosen a CB-product which is in the family-niche, i guess you could say. I have been looking up good keywords for the specific product but as well for the niche in general.

    2. I have created a landingpage, and added a review of the product on the front page, also adding a page to the site which contains articles on the niche.

    Since article quality is a very important part of promoting CB-products, I have been thinking about rewriting existing articles on the subject. Ofcourse rewriting the existing articles thorough
    is very important for not getting sandboxed(?) I think I will buy articles in soon tho, to become more effective.

    I see how most people promoting this product use these classic salespages with one column. no menus, lots of big letters and vivid colors. Is this the most effective way?
    Or should i go for a more regular/honest site, with a review, some articles and a opt-in field?

    3. I have submitted articles to different articledirectories. Choosing the same tags as the more popular articles on the same niche/CB-product, this should help me get traffic(?)

    I understand that this is question hard to answer, but what is a good amount of article directories to submit to? The more the merrier but a general advise? :)

    I am a bit tired so i bet there are some things i have missed, will post as something comes up.

    I appreciate and feedback, help or comment! :)