My First Autoblog


Aug 17, 2010
I started an autoblog 4 days ago, and i already have 1500 pageviews! Would anyone be able to offer me some personal optimization tips for my blog, or check it out and offer and tips at all?

I don't think i'm allowed to post links - How else can I get the website to you?
If i was you i would get some plugins to protect your blog, hackers target autoblogs alot, one of mine was done recently and i had to delete the SQL database and start over.
to imglobal : No, I am still waiting to be approved for adsense.

to ruworth : should I just use a DB backup plugin?

to diegolocks10 : I followed the twisted autoblog method I found somewhere on these forums. Other than that, I tried to pick a good domain with keywords, and have good keywords for my website.

to blackrat : My niche in a general sense is Microsoft. Specifically fixing Microsoft. Most of my traffic is going from Google I think, because I havn't done any advertising, and only have 6 followers on my twitter account.
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