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    I don't give a shit what people do with their computers. It's their computer, they can do whatever the fuck they want with it. You don't presume to instruct people one what parts of their own sexual anatomy they can fondle. It's what they DO with it that is regulateable. Computer Privacy lives in the grey area between a criminal and his enterprise, and the competition having ascended to the point at which they have influence of the Legistlature.

    It's their computer. Java can go fuck itself, using Google as a dildo.

    <squooching noises as a sloppy wet toilet plunger gets wobbled vigorously in a furious "in & out" motion, only it was sticking out of....>

    Heh. That's the hook. That sells at a discount. Part 2 sells for a premium, based on customer demand i.e. willingness to pay. Some people say that you have to sell the 2nd part before you can allow it to be published, but in fact I think something else is going on. You can't create something when you are struggling to survive.