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My first actual $ IG Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by xLucky7, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. xLucky7

    xLucky7 Registered Member

    May 17, 2013
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    Always wanted to document my path to making money.. figured I'd make a Journey, so guessing I'll start.

    Thought of a niche yesterday, which i'll be disclose later down the line, and decided to make my account stand out and made some images & uploaded them to to the account. Decided to buy 3300 followers over the course of ~day, to test it and to make the account seem more 'popular'.

    I use MP, and have 10 IG accounts in there which i'll list as well (total I have atm, waiting to get FL.. or may just continue MP and upgrade if it seems viable).

    1 Main Niche - 3.3k
    2 Niche 2 - 3.7k followers
    3 Niche 3 - 1.6k followers
    4 Niche 4 - 759 Followers
    5 Niche 5 - 433 Followers

    Added 5 more accounts that are recently made, that I'm gonna start off slow.

    I'll be shouting out my Main Niche from the other 3 Niches (not including Niche 5 yet) twice a day.

    My main Niche will have the link to my site in my bio, a basic LP.

    Will only be posting maybe ~3 pics a day on the main niche per day, and maybe liking pictures. Wont be commenting or following much.

    Wont list the settings I use for MP for the 5 new accounts as I'll just be testing stuff, but if you wanna know later just ask and ill try to remember lol.

    Dont really have a goal for this, but any money is appreciated :D
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