My Facebook Page nightmare, please help if you can...

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    Hi friends.
    I run a small eCommerce site (brick & mortar small business). I have a Facebook "page" and one day every week i like to post an offer in this page. My problem is that i like to make a post with thumb, text and a link.
    Until almost 6-8 month ago i was able to do that using a "share.php" script where i customize the image the text etc.
    Now you can't "Share" anymore on FB so i have to change my strategy but this is a nightmare!
    If i post the link, FB select thumb images from last week. If i post the image i like, then people who click on the image goes to the image and not the offer page. If i post only the text i like i can't control the image or the link.
    A complete nightmare. I search around but i can find a stable solution.
    Any Ideas. I attach what i like to be a "perfect post".
    If someone can help please give me some ideas.
    Thank you.

    SOLVED: Finally i make a simple php script and now i'm able to share what i like to share! If anyone want it can ask.

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