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    I lurked here for a while trying to read and learn all I can. So, I'm making this thread to document my real first attempt. If anyone wants to comment, I'm all ears - good, bad or indifferent.

    I chose a niche with the assistance of Market Samurai and having watched some video tutorials that are available in the downloads section, and influenced by temporal events. I chose the weight loss niche, drilling down on some keywords that didn't seem that strong when analyzing the competition in Market Samurai. I know this is a highly competitive area, but I am concentrating on some keywords that pass the "Golden Rule" filter of Market Samurai, and have (as previously mentioned) some comparatively weak peers on Google. Perhaps I made a mistake choosing this niche -- but I press onward.

    I searched through FreshDrop and GoDaddy expiring domains for some decent domains that would be hosed soon, but I could pick them up for cheap. I was trying to hit up the aged domain department, but I couldn't find something keyword savvy. I ditched the aged domain idea after reading that FreshDrop will put it in auction lock for 30 days. I decisively thought I had to move now to get the fresh New Year's resolutioners. I purchased a new domain that had some real good keyword combos in it, and a good TLD. Another mistake?

    I first tried to develop a 5-page static authority site ala "Cloud Living" example (available for download in the wonderful section on BHW). I used the template, SEO'd it toward New Year's and my weight loss keywords. Modified the layout a tad and photoshopped up some new graphics. It was ugly.

    I bought ScrapeBox. No mistake there! Awesome job, sweetfunny!

    After watching the tut vids on ScrapeBox and reading many posts about it, I enacted by own mini-SB blast to try it out. I armed it with some decent public proxies, harvested some WP and BE blogs based on a small set of keywords, filtered out the dups and same domains, and fired out a very small number of comments.

    Day 3.

    After reading more and more in BHW, I thought I could do better than that silly site I had. I began to build a decent looking Wordpress site. I began to concentrate on my onsite SEO a lot. I began to write articles that were about 4% keyword dense in the body, including keywords in the title, meta desc, meta keyword, H1/H2/H3 tags. I focused on getting some interlinking between articles (each post was an article... my main site page is a static page that lists out the posts and their categories). I have been trying to tag the hell out of articles, using an auto tagger -- but it pulls out some worthless words sometimes like "body" or "risk". I was going 100% unique content, writing an 500-700 word article a night about a topic. This stuff was a lot of work.

    Google had me in their indexes as my silly 5-page site that was just pushing a clickbank link. Will this first impression be something I have to overcome? G has now been updating my indexes with the updated content change. They are also indexing me for my tags on my posts, including the stupid "body", "risk", etc tags that don't correlate well to my darn keywords. Ouch.

    I have 17 pages indexed in G as of right now. They are a lot of dupe content because of it indexing my tags. Should my tags be nofollow or something? I can't believe this is actually helping my site.

    For what I will refer to as KeywordA since it was the article that indexed first, I was initially google rank 19 for phrase match in Market Samurai. I tend to think that phrase match isn't really a good metric of seo (correct me if I'm wrong guys), so really pay no heed to that. 4 days later I'm 334. I'm not worried or sweating bullets, just reporting my site stats.

    I downloaded XGen SEO and made some Web2.0 accounts to profile link, but after using the software a bit -- decide to hand-make my web 2.0 sites. I'm trying to populate them with legitimate looking profiles, probably wasting my time. I'm going to build a link pyramid after getting some more content on my site.

    I don't want to put the cart before the horse. I see myself in a content building phase and want to hold off on link building until I am satisfied with a decent amount of content on the site. Stupid decision or since I got about 5 decent articles should I just start blasting? I'm going to blast web2.0 properties that link to my money site. Initially I was going to blast my money site to build backlinks, but after straddling the fence with this one, have decided not to.

    The money site is not pushing any monetization method. I want it to be kind of pristine to take to directories for submission. I'm also building it before I go to CPA's looking for approval.

    I'll update this thread as time goes on. Any advice is surely welcome, rock on for everything BHW!

    What I'm working with
    Linux VPS (metered traffic, fast, limited space) for money site hosting
    Windows VPS (unmetered) for ScrapeBox and other programs
    Public Proxies
    Market Samurai
    Facebook Blaster Pro

    Wants and Desires
    Article Marketing Robot
    Bookmarking Demon (or similar)
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    You're on the right track. Just keep blasting those backlinks and within 3 months, you'll see some results.
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    It has been a few weeks since my first update. Here is how things are going:

    Market Samurai has me at 251 pages indexed in Google. I only have 10 articles, so a lot of these indexes are tags generated by Wordpress plugins.

    In Yahoo, 1 page is indexed and 0 in Bing. :confused:

    I only have 10 BLs showing. A week and a half ago I started SENuking web 2.0 properties. I'm using TheBestSpinner to write a unique article then spinning it to 65% or greater. I was trying to rewrite sentences then trying to spin the words, but was having TBS problem. What is the best way to spin paragraphs, sentences and words?

    After getting to 65% or greater, I'd blast these to several properties. I'd then take the page links over to and generate some feeds to host on my server. I'm also social bookmarking some of my pages and taking those social bookmark pages over to for more feeds. Next I RSS Nuke some of those feeds. I did a two or three iterations of this last week with different unique articles I wrote.

    Besides keeping these links in SENuke, I took them to Scrapebox and blasted the web 2.0 properties for a few days. After seeing little movement, if any, I have begun doing direct blasts to my money site and money site deeplinks. To find the blogs, I'm taking 60 random words from a dictionary of over 100k English words then running a Keyword Scraper on them and the first results they generate, too. I come up with about 20k-40k keywords to harvest urls with. I harvest Wordpress, Moveable Type, and BlogEngine. I comment with a single spun comment with a name that is 20 different variants of my keyword. Emails are just generated emails from without numbers. I'm using private proxies for the commenting. I'm getting high success rate and surprisingly high link checker rate.

    I'll post more as I go deeper in the rabbit hole. Thanks for any advice or questions you guys can offer!
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